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Dekart Private Disk 2.12
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The Enigma Protector 1.33.20070810
ADAC DB-RAD Package 1
Easy Shareware 2.00
TCryptStream 1.0
Zip Zag 1.4
Xceed Zip Compression Library 4.1
ChinaZip 9.2
ArkoSoft EZipSFX 2.0
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ReSource Compression Component 2.61
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Dekart Private Disk 2.07
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AecSLockPK Shareware Protection 2.02c
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A component that will generate a random password based on a number of user-defined options.

JbrSecurity Components are the easiest components to manage user permissions on your database applications. You can control almost every visual component on delphi applications: menus, dbgrids, dbnavigators, any tdataset descendants and virtually...

JbrSecurity Components are the easiest components to manage user permissions on your database applications. You can control almost every visual component on delphi applications: menus, dbgrids, dbnavigators, any tdataset descendants and virtually...

Component for pack and unpack files. ZIP compatible.

This is an InfoZIP UnZip wrapper for Delphi. It provides all required data types and functios along with detailed documentation in order to give you direct access to the API of unzip32.dll. A small demo application is included.UnZip makes it very...

Encrypt is a component to code/decode text in a string.In a hexadecimal editor you can change important text (program name, author, etc) of an executable. Encrypt can give more protection against unautorised changes in the text of an executable....

Citadel compresses and encrypts the DFMs in your executables. This reduces the size of the application and protects your forms from hackers. You can apply Citadel to your applications in just 1 minute.

New and Improved handling of Deflate/Inflate operations. Full Buffer seperation, allowing for continuous Input Stream Compression/Decompression, setup for either Solid Archiving, or random file access. Compression Ratio calculations, CRC32...

Digital sign for executable (dll, exe, ocx & etc.), based on MS Authenticate code technology. Certificated file format supported: CER, PEM, PKCS12.Russian interface.

softprotect . antidebug,antisoftice and protectyour application.Online check debugger,softice,application. Myregkey . regsiter key system,antti debug,antisoftice .

Zip Office 98 is a powerful tool to create Zip files and extract all majors format file compression (CAB, RAR, LHA, ARC, ARJ, ZOO, BH, UUE...) without external programs.Beside basic functions of usual compression tools, you will find exciting and...

Convert any application into time-limited shareware. A function library offering a flexible locking system with solid encryption. Generate serial numbers to register your application. Test program included. Easy to implement. Support for VB, C++,...

A quick and professional way to add strong encryption to your application. 1Crypt is a function library (DLL) which allows you to easily and securely encrypt files, strings, and buffers using 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (Rijndael)...

TProtectApp component is designed to simplify the way of protect your application. The component is simple and quick. Itx92s not Intended to protect your application against hackers.If you want to sell an application to your customers, but you...

User Authorization componentset & Application. TAuthorize is a non visual component wich is dropped on a form and then invokes a comp.editor to chain the visual components on the form to authorization codes. These codes are designed in a...

ShareDog is a Delphi component that converts any Delphi application into a Run-limited trail version. Your user can unlock trial version by entering a registration code and activation codeand email address

The AIM UserFactory facilitates the definition of user rights not just on a menu or form level but in general for objects that can be associated with actions. In its user management features the AIM UserFactory directly relies on the functions of...

ABF Password Recovery is a program to retrieve lost or forgotten passwords for many well known programs and popular file formats. All passwords are recovered instantly. Passwords for programs can be recovered for current installation of Windows...

PK Backup 2 allows you to make backup copies of your files in the compressed ZIP format. It supports long filenames, etc. and don't need any other program to run (the zip compression dlls are included). You can also save the list of the files you...

We are happy to announce our new product ZipForge.NET.
ZipForge.NET. is .NET ZIP component with 100% PKZip format support, zip / unzip, fast Deflate implementation, multi-volume, splitting, Zip64, SFX, repair, streaming support, transaction...