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ZylTimer.NET 1.10
ZylTimer 1.14
ZylIdleTimerAX 1.10
ZylIdleTimer 1.20
Shut Down Expert 4.82
TYRChrono 1.10
FormatDateTime 1.0
Timers 1.0
CronJob 1.2.3
TUPDateEdit & TUPDBDateEdit
UIL Time Framework 2.01
Painless Schedule 2.0
NuClock 1.0
Recurrence Editor 2.0
TMS TodoList & TDBTodoList 1.2.4
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NuClock 1.0
ZylIdleTimerAX 1.10
Adrock DateTime Suite (Baselevel components) 199
TThreaded Timer
DrClock 1.0a
Recurrence Editor 2.0
Aguado - Wall chart style Year calendar components 1.90
Analog clock component
MyAssist 1.1.0
RafKom Library 1.01
TPlanner and TDBPlanner for CLX 1.0
Timers 1.0
DsCalendar 1.0
Dream Scheduler 1.01
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ZylTimer.NET is a high resolution .NET timer component which provides a higher precision than the standard .NET Timer component. .NET Timer component which ships with Delphi / C++Builder uses the Windows Message Queue to generate the Tick event. Due to this approach it's impossible to get accurate timer intervals smaller than 50 milliseconds.ZylTimer.NET is a thread based timer and due to this architecture provides a real precision of 1...

ZylTimer is a high resolution, long-term Delphi / C++Builder timer component which provides a higher precision than the standard Delphi / C++ Builder TTimer component.TTimer component which ships with Delphi / C++Builder uses the Windows Message...

ZylIdleTimerAX is an ActiveX control which helps you to take actions after a specified system-wide (related to the whole system) idle time or to check the time interval of user inactivity.System Idle time is the time interval of full user...

ZylIdleTimer is a Delphi / C++Builder component which helps you to take actions after a specified system-wide (related to the whole system) or application (related only to the application) idle time or to check the time interval of user...

As computers take on more and more automated tasks, they seem to spend more and more time fully powered on. In many cases personal computers are left running 24 hours a day just to execute some tasks that the computer may do during non-working...

A Chronometer component that let you calculate the time elapsed between two events even if they do not happen the same day.

Delphi's SysUtils unit have nice function FormatDateTime for conversion from DateTimeto a String with format. Here is the inverse function:Function FormatStrToDateTime(Format, strDate : string) : TDateTime;

Contains timers for use in Delphi 1.0. All timers use only one single windows timer that is multiplexed to all the timer components. This will make sure that in Windows 3.11 using a large amount of timers will not consume all systemwide available...

The thread-based alarm implementation which acts like format (all who worked in Unix must be aware about this utility, this is daemon of scheduled, periodically executed tasks). The authors of CronJob component has very liked an idea of...

Nice components that allows users to pick a date (with drop-down calendar). Data-Aware version included. [ no longer supported by vendor/creator ]

The UIL Time Framework is a comprehensive suite of components that allow you to add time management capabilities into your application quickly and easily.Features:Highly customizable user interface that mimics the Microsoft Outlook UI by default....

Painless Schedule is a powerful software scheduling application:Intuitive, easy to understand interface means you're ready to go in minutes.Track your original estimates and see how they compare to your actual time. Sort, group and filter your...

NuClock is another analogue clock component with many published properties. A master/slave feature allows many clock displays without running out of system timers.

Add professional quality recurrence capabilities to your:calendar applicationsscheduling applicationsproject plan applicationspersonal information management applications.

- Ready to use TodoList and DB-aware TodoList for PIM applications- Features : subject, completion, priority, status, resource, notes, category, totaltime, creation, due, category, completion date editing- Sorting by different todo item...

Highly configurable drop down month calendar can be used with TMS TPlanner or separately.DB-aware month calendar included for use with TDBPlanner or separately.

Component for interactive scheduling.Features:Items that can be resized / repositioned.Inplace multiline editable itemsItems with multiple imagelist imagesItems with caption time indicationRead-only itemsVarious display modes: day (5, 6, 10, 15,...

TMonthCalender is a VCL wrapper for the month calendar that available in COMCTL32.DLL v4.70 distributed with IE4 and Windows 98. Free for non-commercial use.

CalPanel is a Microsoft Money style calendar control. It provides easy selection of dates, using a display of all days of the selected month, or all months of the selected year. Now with dynamic hints for dates and improved keyboard interface....

This component returns the date and time from a specified Windows NT server (Server or WorkStation). It inplements the Microsoft LanManager API (netapi32.dll) function, NetRemoteTOD.This component will only function on Windows NT (Workstation or...