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This unit provides a MessageDlg replacement function that allows the user to specify whether or not they want to see the message in the future or not.

Open and SaveAs dialogs with media preview. Two seconds after clicking on a media file and the file will be played inside the preview area in case it is a movie, or in case of sound you will hear it. Drop it inside your application and enjoy fast...

This unit implements a replacement for Delphi's MessageDlg function, that uses a resource file instead of having the text hard-coded into the unit. This makes it very easy to translate the messages and use the MessageDlg functions within...

This is a round about dialog box. It allow you to put your home page link.

Essentially, it is a nice, Delphi-friendly wrapper around the IProgressDialog interface. You can choose the text for all of the fields, control the progress meter, and set the CommonAVI. An OnCancel event handler allows you to gracefully deal with...

TPBPrinterSetupDialog is a TPrinterSetupDialog component with capability of getting/setting printersetup-values (orientation, papersize etc) at designtime and runtime. Settings can be saved so users don't have to setup the printer every time they...

PBOpenPreviewDialog and PBSavePreviewDialog are Open / Save Dialog-components with universal Preview (Preview of your files). The main property is OnPreview event where you can write code that displays your file the way you want. Two propertys...

PBFolderDialog is the professional SHBrowseForFolder dialog with extended support for shell-folders (system-independant paths), automatic localization of captions (without external files). Work with paths or ItemIDLists. Can show both...

The TAdrockMessageDialog routines provide similar function to the standard Delphi routines ShowMessage and MessageDlg, but these routines provide a few extras.You can have a default button so that your dialogs can have a No or a Cancel or any...

Translation of the RASDLG.H header file for 32-bit Delphi. Enables editing of Phonebook-entries under Windows NT 4.0. Supports dynamically loading of the RASDLG.DLL so your program won't crash if it doesn't exist.

The ALSTipDlg component allows you to display a Tip of the Day dialog. Most of the elements of the dialog can be customized. The tips can be stored at design-time, or read from an INI file or the Windows registry (available on 32-bit Delphi...

TColorDialogPro is an advanced replacement for standard Windows color dialog. It is similar to 'Color Picker' dialog in Photoshop and 'Uniform Fill' dialog in CorelDRAW, but has some unique features that make TColorDialogPro even more powerful...

TRunDialog is a wrapper for an undocumented Windows API function which is used by Win95 on the Start Menu.

TIconDialog is a wrapper for an undocumented Windows API function called PickIconDlg. The dialog is the same one used throughout Win95 and it's relatives. TIconDialog can retrieve filename, icon number and the actual icon.

TFindFilesDialog and TFindComputerDialog are wrappers for two undocumentedWindows API functions. The first produces the Find Files window and the second the Find Computer window.

Displays ASCII table dialog with Char, Dec, and Hex values of each character in addition to some notes. The user can select one or more characters and the final result will be returned as a character set and as a string.

A MS Messenger like popup box that can roll up & down from the bottom of the screen with extensive HTML formatting capabilities. Support for font colors, images, hyperlinks, ...VCL & VCL.NET support

Outlook 2003 style multi-message alert window:Extensive control over appearance;Can show multiple messages with easy navigation between messages;Programmable fade-in, fade-out;Customizable glyphs for close, previous message, next message;Automatic...

The ShellDlg package gives you access to four undocumented Shell dialogs:the run dialog to start programs quicklythe change icon dialog to select iconsthe shutdown dialogthe disk format dialogUse with precautions since this uses undocumented...

TExtOpenDialog/TExtSaveDialog, TCSVOpenDialog/TCSVSaveDialog, TSliderOpenDialog/TSliderSaveDialog, Enhanced Open-/SaveDialogs with additional components on it