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TEnhancedEdit 1.46
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DragEffects 1.0
Kamchatka Button 1.2
TEnhancedEdit 1.46
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TEnhancedEdit is derived from TEdit, with text-alignment and value and integer-value properties

Component for Inputting Feet and Inches (ex. 1 - 1 5/8) and also decimal feet or decimal inches (ex. 120.0625 IN and 10.0 FT).
The user can switch between the modes by clicking the right mouse button.
This component also rounds to the...

The modern button from Kamchatka. 4 styles, Color & HotColor, Alignment & Margin properties. Help and Demo included.<BR>* free for noncommercial use *

When dragging files in Windows Explorer you can hold down the Control or Alt key to make a copy or a shortcut to the file rather than just moving it. The mouse cursor changes appropriately to indicate which operation you are performing. This...

Label3dBorder - label with possibility of setting 5 different kinds of 3-dimensional borders and an option of vertical alignment of the caption