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SystemPack Volume I: LABELS
TTextFader 1.22
TTextAnimator 1.4
TYusoft Label 1.10
TExtGrad Label 1.0
TPathLabel 1.0
DIHtmlLabel 1.00
Deluxe Label 1.0
TParamLabel 1.1
THMLStaticText and TPictureContainer 1.2
TEllipsLabel 1.0
TDateLabel 1.1
RTFLabel 1.2
Top Code
TLedScreen 2.0
TTextFader 1.22
Version Label 1.06
TjanMarkupLabel 1.0
TSevenSegment 2.0
TwebText 1.0
TDateLabel 1.1
DrLabel 1.0
TDateTime Label 1.01
TWebLabel 1.0
RTLabel 1.00
Widgets for Mobile 1.0
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The set of 9 labels: FileName label, DateTime label, LED label, Version labels, System Info label, BevelLabel, 3D Label, LinkLabel, GradientLabel. Sources: $14.95

This component gets a list of lines and shows them sequentially on the screen by a fade effect. Properties of this component let you to:Specify the speed of text transition Define a background image for the control Make the control's background as...

Some features of this component are:Animates text caption with four different stylesAnimates color of the textSupports transparent background drawingAuto Size capabilityHas a horizontal text alignment propertyAnimation can be controlled...

TYusoftLabel is like Norton Integrator Label (NU3), which arounded by border when MouseEnterEvent occured.

A simple 3D Gradient Label. Looks great in 32k/ 65k/ 16M color modes.

Component shows long path to file as 'c:...dirfilename'. exe-demo available from

Inherits from TLabel. Looks like web link in browsers and intended for calling external programs, transition on web pages or for the linking to system mailer. Exe-demo available from homepage.

DIHtmlLabel is a fast, lightweight replacement for Delphi's TLabel that handles HTML-formatted text, clickable text links and dynamic content.As a replacement for TLabel, it is easy to input text, even formatted text with links. Simply use...

Deluxe Label offers several new properties such as 3d text, bitmap background, etc. In addition it has the ability to launch the web browser, e-mail editor or a specified program.

Features:New Outlook inbox rules wizard alike label for setting parameters inplace.Parameters can be set through a custom interface, a dropdown listbox orpopup menuAll text can have HTML formatting

Label control with HTML formatting features.Provides full keyboard interface for hyperlinksVarious hovering stylesBorders and bevelsTabstopBlinking textSupports GIF and JPEG images as well as bitmaps and imagelist imagesImages support width and...

A label that can show text with end or path ellipsis when too long to fit. Ellips type can be controlled with new EllipsType property.

A label that shows the latest form edit date. The format can be set with the DateTimeFormat property.

TRTFLabel is a label with full rich text capabilities. Improved design time editor, background color property. Added Print, CopyFromRichEdit, CopyToRichEdit methods. Freeware for non-commercial use.

This is a normal label with a link to ie can place a normal label with a caption an when pressing the label internet explorer will popup and show the link wich you included into the label.

TpsvRTFLabel component is a marquee transparent label that has the full rich text capabilities. It can displays a vertical scrolling text with a different speed. Demo included

psvLabels library contains set of original and enhanced label components.Includes components:TpsvBasicLabel provides a mouse enter and mouse leave events and has a FocusColor property TpsvWebLabel - this component emulates hypertext in a html form...

Don't keep the user wondering with truncated captions in ordinary TStaticTexts. Use SKUEllipsedStaticText, and give your applications a polished look. TSKUEllipsedStaticText adjusts long captions to fit the width, showing the ellipses if...

Component label with the possibility to be able to recall a page Web.

Format Label is usefull in any application if you want to display formated text with more font style or if you want to create message with hypertext link and handle the click on it. Standard HTML tag is used for text formating.