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Rpv Reports Steel 5.3
VisPDF Lib 3.4
Professional PDF report VCL component 3.3
WPReporter 4.08
WPForm 2.12
GPQRHtmlFilter 2.7.1
TGmPreview 1.0
Custom Print preview in Delphi
Create PDF using Delphi source
combit List & Label 8
Report Generator List & Label
List & Label 8.0
List & Label 9.0
AfalinaSoft XL Report G2 Lite 3.423
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QuickReports Enterprise Server
TmxExports 2.36
Barcode vcl component 1.7.5
RTF Report 4.0
Create PDF using Delphi source
Custom Print preview in Delphi
ARWordReport 1.6
TNormalReport 1.6
AfalinaSoft XL Report G2 Lite 3.423
RTF Report Generator 1.02
UniPrn 1.0
Rpv Reports Steel 5.3
TQuick Print 1.01
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A non-visual component providing printing on dot-matrix printers with full formating capablites. Preview and graphic-mode print (e.g. on laser printer) are supported also. One-command printing from datasets. Easy to use. Control file for Epson-compatible printers included.

Take your Rave Reports to a new high with PsRaveRenders. Generate accurate copies of your reports in PDF, HTML, RTF, Excel, Text, JPEG, GIF, BMP, EMF, WMF and more.Features:Built-in end-user render setup dialogs, give full control to the...

With PsFRExportFilters, your application users have the choice of exporting reports to PDF, HTML, RTF, GIF, JPEG, BMP, EMF, WMF... even from FastReport. Written 100% in Object Pascal and compiles completely into your executable.Once exported you...

Component for PointOfSale to use some models of Fiscal Printers (functional only in Brazil).

The TXT Report components enable to create report printouts that are suitable for matrix printers, and to manage the operation of matrix printers in the Windows environment. The TXT Report components are useful whenever there is the need to use a...

Print Preview. Allows the user:To smoothly change width and height of pageTo divide Canvas on pages very simplyTo zoom the page(looks like preview of MS Office).

Data aware preparers that automatically create fields on a form or report for you.

Low overhead Dataset/DBGrid printer business component. Extremely easy to use - at the very least; just plug in and print.

MKQB Report Expert is a end user runtime report manager. It can be connected to any TDataset to produce professionnal reports.The product is using Quick Report to generate the reports. Version which is included with D7 is Ok.

MetaReport allows you to build any reports: from simple data retrieval to complex professional reports. Using MetaReport you can easily create reports from data stored in Access or Paradox database as well as from Oracle or MS SQL database...

Features:Data access. While accessing data, MetaReport uses the ADO (ActiveX Data Objects) and BDE (Borland Database Engine) technologies. If BDE is not installed MetaReport can access the database using only ADO. Powerful designer tool allows you...

TRichEdit2Metafile Delphi's RichEdit rendering component thru metafiles. (Separating multiple pages)This will be useful to report RichEdit,Memo,ListBox with other users data.With this printing text files beacme easier.This is one of the...

THTML2Metafile HTML/URL rendering component thru metafiles. (Separating multiple pages)THTML2MetaFile will render a URL/HTML onto metafilesand you can make reports using these metafiles with easy.Almost of simple HTMLS are supported but some HTMLs...

TDbGrid2Metafile Delphi's DbGrid rendering component thru metafiles. (Separating multiple pages with all data)This will be useful to report DbGrids.DbGrids can be TDbGrid and their inherited Custom DbGrids.This is one of the TObjectprinter's main...

Printing Berg's GridView with TObjectPrinterOP_GridViewLib will make you easy to print outpowerful GridView with TObjectPrinter.TObjectPrinter and GridView are in this site.

Powerfull report generator. Create unlimited multy level, multy table reports in many formats. Whats new:Unlimited levels (more that 9)Unlimited levels in demo version tooExport data via TExporters (exp are included) into formats - Text, printer,...

Non-Visual DB-aware component. Single-component reporting tool for simple and fast DataSet contents printing. Main features:Unlimited horizontal report expansion for big numbers of fields in datasets or large fields' width;WordWrapping inside data...

ReportPrinter Pro is actually two products in one, a code-based printing engine and a new visual reporting interface called RAVE (described in the rest of this document). With ReportPrinter Pro's code-based system, 14 Delphi components and over...

FlowChartX is an ActiveX control that helps you create and present workflow, flowchart and process diagrams, database entity-relationship diagrams, organizational, hierarchy and relationship charts, network schemes, graphs and trees. Its basic...

SMReport is a set of native VCL components which do not require any external libraries.By implementing SMReport within your application you and your end-users will instantly have available a powerful tool for the creation of reports, lists,...