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SSuite FaceCom Portal 2.0
SMS Exporter 1.4.2
VC components Freeware 2.5.2010.12
Bluetooth Framework Personal 4.0
Business Letter Professional 5.1
PezWeb 1
conaito VoIP ActiveX SDK
ZylSerialPort 1.38
ZylGPSReceiverAX 2.95
ZylGPSReceiver.NET 1.25
ZLPORTIO Library 1.50
SMSModule 1.0
Voicent AutoReminder
TBzInterMeter, TBzInterInfo and TBzPerformanceInfo 3.1
Serial Port Monitoring Control 1.02
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TN Bridge Integration Pack 3.0
Advanced Serial Port Monitor
VC components Freeware 2.5.2010.12
Serial Port ActiveX Control 1.0
RASManager 1.10
Network Multimedia Lib NMM 1
MetaProducts Download Express 1.9
Kazaa Capture 2
Bluetooth Framework Personal 4.0
VOIP PC Phone 1.0
SSuite FaceCom Portal 2.0
Serial to Ethernet Connector 3.0
el Serial Port 1.01
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FaxMerge is royalty-free for all of your applications, can be incorporated into your application in under 15 minutes, is compatible with almost all fax modems and types of phone numbers, interfaces directly to the database without need for any intervention by the end-user, uses a standard ODBC compatible dBASE III+ database format as merge input, is efficient and reliable in operation, and is very simple for the end-user.FaxMerge can be used...

TCommStatus determines logical state (DTR, RTS, RxD, TxD, CTS, DSR, DCD, RI) and physically address of Comm Port.

The TVSAssistant program is designed for the most simple and convenient setting of Panasonic Voice Processing System (KX-TVS50) parameters. With the help of TVSAssistant you can easily and quickly do the following: Create Custom Mailboxes; Create...

SMSC Relay ActiveX SDK library is a set of optimized ActiveX components enabling quick creation of applications implementing the communication with the SMSC of the GSM network provider, through TCP/IP protocol. The components are created so as to...

SMSC Relay VCL SDK library is a set of four optimized components enabling quick creation of applications for communication with the SMSC through TCP/IP protocol. Supported protocols are SEMA, CIMD2, UCP and SMPP. Features:Multithreading...

13 Components to enable seamless connectivity between Delphi and C++Builder applications and PocketPC/Smarphone devices.Components for: retrieve CE system info, read / write CE registry, access to CE databases, file operations with CE devices,...

This is a small set of components for use on the internet,It contains TVortex + identdfor IRC connectivityTClusterFileTClusterChatfor DCC connectivity

The BOrgTec GPSRS232 ActiveX Control offers the following features:Parse a NMEA String. This means that the data contained in a NMEA sequence is extracted. The data is provided via ActiveX Events. Obtain the NMEA sequences from an GPS receiver...

The new free software from, Kazaa capture, tunnels your Internet activity through SOCKS4 SOCKS5 proxy servers to hide your IP address, and grant you security and anonymity for free. The free tool from can hook up any SOCKS5...

TTSSScmDmj component allows to communicate with SCAIME digital measurement transmitter via COM port.

TRasObject implemets main functions, that allow to developer to use Remote Access Service possibilities in the program. It allows to manage connections (create, modify, rename, delete), dial and hangup selected connction.

Fax4Word is a powerful fax software that works as an MS Word addin and equips MS Word a powerful Fax Merge feature which allows users to send personalized faxes to multiple recipients automatically through Windows Fax. Users of Fax4Word can send...

The InterCom System is a tool that developers can integrate into their application to implement advanced communication features, including publish and subscribe, across local or wide area networks. Some of the applications that can be built using...

ISDN-Objects are especially designed and optimized for Delphi. Due to the simple methods like Connect, Disconnect, Sendfile, ReceiveFile etc. you are able to integrate ISDN functionality in your programs almost at once. Superior performance is a...

TOxygenSMS component is designed to give an access to SMS and Calendar capabilities of Nokia GSM phone from a Windows application.SMS section allows you to send, receive, read and delete messages from Inbox, read and write default SMS centre...

Oxygen SMS ActiveX Control allows you to send and receive text and picture messages, send CLI Logos, read and write default SMS centre number, get stored message total and busy count, their locations, read and delete from SMS inbox. You are able...

Oxygen SMS ActiveX Control allows you to send and receive text and picture messages, read and write default SMS centre number, get stored message total and busy count, their locations, read and delete from SMS inbox. You are able to get phones'...

Tired of writing and writing similar emails? You don't have to. Let SMTPTo do the stupid work for you. Your time is to valuable, go for the tasks where you're brain is needed or just enjoy your more relaxed life. It does not matter which type of...

Component that notifies you when the connection to the Internet occurs, lets you connect, informs you of all available RAS entries, lets you edit those entries, delete them and create a new one.

Remote Assistant is designed to help developers in providing customers with better help & support over the Internet or LAN. It is a fully functional and inexpensive replacement for pcAnywhere. Remote Assistant runs on background in your system...