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SSuite FaceCom Portal 2.0
SMS Exporter 1.4.2
VC components Freeware 2.5.2010.12
Bluetooth Framework Personal 4.0
Business Letter Professional 5.1
PezWeb 1
conaito VoIP ActiveX SDK
ZylSerialPort 1.38
ZylGPSReceiverAX 2.95
ZylGPSReceiver.NET 1.25
ZLPORTIO Library 1.50
SMSModule 1.0
Voicent AutoReminder
TBzInterMeter, TBzInterInfo and TBzPerformanceInfo 3.1
Serial Port Monitoring Control 1.02
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TN Bridge Integration Pack 3.0
Advanced Serial Port Monitor
VC components Freeware 2.5.2010.12
Serial Port ActiveX Control 1.0
RASManager 1.10
Network Multimedia Lib NMM 1
MetaProducts Download Express 1.9
Kazaa Capture 2
Bluetooth Framework Personal 4.0
VOIP PC Phone 1.0
SSuite FaceCom Portal 2.0
Serial to Ethernet Connector 3.0
el Serial Port 1.01
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FaceCom Portal is designed to be a video/voip application for use within small, medium, and large Local Area Networks {LAN}, even Wi-Fi networks. This communication's app is an ideal replacement for internet chat and video connections in companies, home networks, student campuses, or wherever it is needed.

It is also able to create a private and secure peer-two-peer contact which will improve internal communications, business...

Microsoft left out an important feature in Windows Mobile: The ability to store text messages permanently. On the mobile phone, they are kept in a folderish structure, but there is no way to export that information to a file. SMS Exporter is here...

Voice Communicator (VC) components were designed to simplify the development process of audio streaming applications, such as voice chat, voice conference, and similar VoIP software. They provide real-time low latency multi-client audio streaming...

Bluetooth Framework - unique library of components Delphi for work with mobile devices (PDA, cellular telephones). Allows to carry out communication(connection) with the device through: Bluetooth, IrDA, COM port. Is able: to transfer and accept...

Business Letter Professional includes more than 1000 typical business letter templates. With this software, you need not to hire a business letter expert to write for you, - you can write impressive and effective letters yourself with strengthened...

make nice web applications (this is not CGI) supports command / parameters. technically you can make anything over to the web with this!.

conaito VoIP ActiveX SDK for developers of VoIP audio applications and webpages - Now new: Mic Boost, Encryption Voice & Text, Voice Conference Recording (WAV), VAD (Voice Activity Detection)conaito VoIP ActiveX library for developers of VoIP...

ZylSerialPort is a Delphi / C++Builder thread based asynchronous serial port component.Use ZylSerialPort component to easily communicate with external devices on serial port connection, such as modems, bar code readers and so on.

ZylGPSReceiverAX is an an award-winning ActiveX control that communicates with a GPS receiver.It returns latitude, longitude, altitude, speed, heading and many other parameters of the position.This control works with any NMEA compatible receiver...

ZylGPSReceiver.NET is an event driven .NET component that communicates with a GPS receiver.It returns latitude, longitude, altitude, speed, heading and many other useful parameters of the current position and the parameters of the satellites in...

This library allow your application direct access port input and output under all versions of Microsoft Windows. With it you can easily control any hardware from your application. For example,you can access your LPT port.When you should write or...

Features:Link with GSM Module via Serial Port, IrDA, BTSend and receive messagesSend long messagesSupport UCS2/HEX.

Easy-to-use calendar/scheduler with automatic phone reminders. Use it for birthday reminders, medication reminders, appointment reminders, etc. Appointment reminder messages automatically include person, date and time, and callback number. Message...

Use it to mesure modem loading (bytes received, bytes sent). It works for Windows NT as well as for Windows 95/98. Now it does not grab RAS's process memory, instead it looks through registry and gets all information there. Now component became...

RS232 Data Acquisition and Com Port Control Component Library, Modem Access Component. Connection Sniffer and Port Test Software Library. The library lets you enumerate all installed serial devices, including, but not limited to serial ports and...

Voip PC Phone does not rely on Third-Party Vendors or Special Internet Websites to make calls. All you need is a headset and microphone to make a call.Voip Phone works only on LAN and DSL connections. The minimum bandwidth required is 64Kbps...

IP*Works! Version 5.0 is a comprehensive set of tools including everything you need to write powerful connected applications.IP*Works! consists of more then 30, royalty-free, controls implementing Internet Protocols such as: Email (SMTP / POP /...

Winsock is ideal for writing your own protocols or implementing existing Internet protocols yourself. dWinsock can be used for free by non-commercial users. Now available for Japanese versions of Delphi. There is a registraion fee of $60 for...

SMS22 ActiveX/COM enables your application to send SMS messages from any Internet-connected PC to any cellular phone on more than 300 cellular networks worldwide using public free reliable Internet-to-Cellular SMS gateways. SMS22 ActiveX/COM works...

Socket component with next features: - Package caches resolved IP Addresses for faster DNS lookups; -Supports both TCP and UDP protocols; Listening mode will automatically accept incoming connections, create a new TSock component for the connected...