New Code
FixInsight 2015.02
Blade API Monitor
SSuite OmegaOffice HD+ 2.6
AllNetic Working Time Tracker 3.0
CADViewX Library 8.0
eXtended Task Manager 2.10
Software Update Wizard
Visual Studio .NET Obfuscator 4.03.1
TMS Scripter Studio Pro 1.4
RBD AntiDOT 2009 0.7.2b
uCertify MCSD .NET MCAD - 70-305 Exam Simulation 8.02.05
TADOUsersCS Security Component for ADOExpress 1.2
Lock & Key is a royalty free security component for you applications 1.02
Text Spotlight 2.0
rubycomp 0.8
Top Code
Code Vault 1.0
Calculatrice Franc/Euro Avec Imprimante 1.0
MultiData DB to EXE
HTML Executable
WKey 2.0
ASProtect 1.35
Code Keeper 1.00
Folder Password Expert USB
RBTreeView Tree Component 1.11
TExpression Explorer 3.0
Ghost Insatller 2.1.1
Cool Color Picker 1.10
EBook Maestro FREE 1.35
BS/1 Enterprise 3.17
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Static analyzer that detects source code issues in your Delphi applications. You will be able to identify potential errors and oddities. The static code analysis performed by FixInsight can help you find bugs early in the development process. Think of FixInsight as a compiler extension that lets you instantly find issues in your code which you would spend hours debugging otherwise.

* Examine your source code and get a list of...

Blade API Monitor is a useful developer spy tool which can trace and log API and ActiveX interface with parameters. The key features are:

Trace any exported functions of any DLLs, including Windows API and any other 3rd-Part APIs,...

This office suite was created for the professional and discerning computer user. The application interfaces have been enlarged to view the functions, features, and menu structures for better user-interaction on Full HD monitors.


Tracks how much time you spend on different projects and tasks. Thanks to precise time tracking and accounting you can quickly and precisely calculate time spent on different tasks. You can bill your clients on time based on real reports. You can...

Open, view and print CAD drawings, vector and raster images right in Internet Explorer or Microsoft Word or embed a full-fledged CAD viewer into your applications and enable them to open, view, read vector data from, or print CAD drawings, vector...

The Warecase eXtended Task Manager (XTM) is a powerful auxiliary tool designed for simplifying the environment of the software developer. XTM is an extended windows task manager and performance monitoring tool for Microsoft Windows. XTM can give...

The Software Update Wizard lets you add 'update over the web' functionality to your applications with just a single line of code. You simply upload your revised software files, together with a simple script, to your web server. No server-side...

Skater .NET Obfuscator is an obfuscation tool for .NET code protection. It implements all known software protection techniques and obfuscation algorithms.
Skater .NET Obfuscator is a comprehensive professional solution for .NET application...

By building scripting support into your applications, you can provide a high degree of configurability, flexibility and automation control in your applications.

* It allows modification of the application behaviour without needing...

Multiplatform library of containers and data structures for Delphi and Pascal.
- full support for all Delphi build-in types in all containers
- full range of containers available: vectors, maps, sets, lists and other

The uCertify Exam Simulation is a comprehensive tool for success in the MCSD.NET (70-305) certification exam. It contains 3 full-length realistic practice tests comprising 150 questions with detailed analysis and explanations for each answer. The...

This is the ADO version of TUsersCS, built using ADO Express. Security component that allows the developer implement password protection and user control in a Delphi app easily. With TUsersCS is possible to grant/deny user access to the menu items...

Lock & Key is a royalty free security component for you applications. Distribute trial versions of your products which can be easily ounlockedo to the fully working versions over the phone or via the Internet. Use either a okill dateo or a...

Text Spotlight is a super-powered text finder tool. It helps you search faster with all search terms highlighted! Powered with an innovative (patent-pending) technology, Text Spotlight automatically highlights every instance of specific words and...

RubyComp is a component for embedding the Ruby interpreter in a Kylix/Delphi application.Ruby is the interpreted scripting language for quick and easy object-oriented programming. It has many features to process text files and to do system...

This package was designed to add an easy error-reporting mechanism to your application. It can be a valuable tool for debugging and might even be useful in some delivered applications.TagMonitor is a native C++Builder component. It uses the...

PC Activity Monitor (PC Acme) is a powerful security program that tracks and reports all activity on your PC. It records not only all keystrokes, but all window titles and times, clipboard activity, and more. It records your computer startup and...

PasDiff Pro is the syntax oriented diff tools for Delphi. With the help it you can easily and fast to clarify what changes were are introduced in the source texts of the program. Main difference PasDiff Pro from similar utilities it that...

Boost Your Modem & Browser Speed up to 400% & Optimize your Internet Experience. Easy-to-use, Internet Optimizer for Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 and XP designed to automatically optimize your Windows registry settings to boost your...

Advanced Replace Tools is a text replacement utility, necessary for webmasters, programmers and everybody who is concerned with computers. Imagine that you need to replace some text in hundreds of files. It will take you many hours to do it...