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Invantive Control 2013R2TD
Operators for Order based GA 1.0
Another Delphi Structures Library 080
Jenes - Genetic Algorithms for Java 758
omega2 2
SimXML 1.0
UnBGames 1.0
HeuriStitch 1.0
dhcp-multi pxe 1.0
AlgoPack 1.0
simple-galib b.1.0
Computational Intelligence Library 1.0
WordSort 1.0
webdevlib b.0.1
Alcinoe 4.01
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Jenetics: Java Genetic Algorithm Library 1.1.0
ConvertObject2XML 1.0
HtmlToImage 1.0
Genetic Algorithm General Solver-GAGENES 1.0
The Travelling Salesman Problem using GA 1.0
FJSP Software 1.0
Computational Intelligence Library 1.0
knapsackga 1.0
Evolving Cellular Automata 1.0
Animated Binary Search Tree 1.0
Game Toolbox 1.0
Gene Expression Programming .NET 1.0
Genetic Algorithms for IBM CBE processor 1.0
Genetic sequence binary grouping routine 1.0
HeuriStitch 1.0
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Invantive Control is a proven real-time Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) software solution to assess the likelihood of financial threats and project risks from within Microsoft Excel. Invantive Control provides businesses and organizations with all the functionalities needed to make real-time risk management decisions. In addition Invantive Control empowers you to create, secure and share detailed risk matrices, models and plans in Microsoft...

This package has a collection of readily usable genetic operators for order based genetic algorithm and is implemented using java.

Delphi library of standard containers for keeping ordinal and structured datatypes.

An optimized java library for genetic algorithms. The library is designed to be fast and memory light, but still very easy to use.

Omega2 is a light-weight, flexible and fast Java Artificial Intelligence library.

Ferramenta desenvolvida em Delphi 7.0 para realizao de juno de dados por similaridade em arquivos XML. Utiliza 3 funes de similaridade: Levenshtein, Jaro e q-Grams. TCC de Esp. Desenv. Software UPF - Passo Fundo-RS-Brasil

This project's goal is to implement Artificial Inteligence algorithms and make them available for any platform but especially for
mobile devices.
The main objective is to allow the community to develop better and more

An heuristic image stitcher made to test Genetic and PSO based algorithms

To work on a dhcpd.conf that everyone can use for multiple different dhcp servers on one system and for different reasons.

Project offers alternate solutions to the performance problems developers are facing on x86 and x64 architectures. The library covers searching and sorting, mathematic routines, and substitutions of commonly used standard library routines.

This library is a lightweight implementation of genetic algorithm, contains the most popular types of chromosomes and the basic algorithms for selection, elitism, crossing and mutation.

CILib is a framework for developing Computational Intelligence software in swarm intelligence, evolutionary computing, neural networks, artificial immune systems, fuzzy logic and robotics.

WordSort is an algoritm written in c# specifically designed for string sorting with linear complexity. Based on partial hashing approach, provides higher performance than classical algorithms that use the comparison. WordSort includes a console...

webdevlib is a open source project for develop web applications, it include general api for web develop, such as string, array, hash, cgi get and post, and template file operate.

by Compoments suite for Delphi:
* Binary Tree (Self-Balancing Binary Trees)
* Cypher (Private Key Encryption/Decryption Primitives)
* Firebird Client (Retrieving Data as XML from Firebird Server)
* CGI...

Converts any HTML documents to jpg/png/bmp image format.

Ocean with fishes who's are learning and evolving.

Cutting Problem solved by Genetic algorithms. The goal is to cut a rectangular plate of material into more smaller rectangles. The cuts must be rectangular and guillotinable.

Tallen is my first try to create an artificial entity, by using the latest findings.

A Visual Studio .NET C++ application can perform machine learning using genetic algorithm, naive bayes, KNN, and Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) read and processed from any standard ARFF.