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Interface to apache .htaccess and htpasswd files.

TV Show and Episode classes scraped from and useful for fetching meta data on TV Shows.

ProjectLounge Lite is a project collaboration tool. It has calendars, tasks list (with Gantt view), document sharing and member management.

Provides a simple load-balancing solution for Amazon's EC2 - S3 backend. Effortlessly farm work to an EC2 instance without batting an eye!

cts_as_translated is a small and simple database attributes translation plugin for Ruby on Rails. It aims to be a solution for projects for which complex solutions are out of scope.

In Rails you need one app/models/ class per database table. Dr Nic's Magic Models, eliminates the use of an explicit model file in your app/models folder.

web templating framework for Ruby in the style of Perl's Mason project.

RubyWeather is a library for interacting with's xoap service using the Ruby language. This project's Subversion repository now resides on Google Code at

A ruby gem for generating parameters for ActiveRecord.find

Auto Escape Plugin for Rails will provide a plugin for Rails which will automatically escape text from the database to provide some level of protection against XSS attacks.

An object oriented template engine for Ruby that does not rely on eval and bindings. Templated methods can be added to any class by using the tdef metaprogramming function from the module. Methods are generated at class load time and only parsed...

A simple plugin to provide a few helper functions that reduce the redundancy in layout files.

Queue-Tip is an Asterisk Queue Monitoring and reporting tool using Adhearsion and designed with the Ruby on Rails framework

libimdb-ruby is a library that provides some classes to search and retrieve informations about movies from

OpenSteam is a web-based shopping and e-commerce framework. Its goal is to simplify the implementation and ui-design process of a webshop. Using RubyOnRails, d-deDUopenSteamd-deDt will provide the tools you need to run or implement your own...

ReFacebook is a small facebook library and Sinatra extension.