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Invantive Composition for Word 2013R2TD
wozgonon 1.0
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Source Code Management Statistics Mojo 1.0
Project Profile Post 686
Kuklops 1.0
JavaScript Doclet 1.0
xSyntax 1.0
latex2applehelp 1.0
OpenSVT 1.0
FlexibleMM 1.0
Use Case Tool 1.0
Repository - xoops documentation 1.0
Alexandria Bibliography GroupWare 1.0
Computer History Graphing Project 0.9.2
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Rebol Programming For Absolute Beginners 1.0
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An often occurring business problem is the generation of complex documents with data from a database or application. For instance, because of the multitude of complex information and deviating rules per jurisdiction employees spend a lot of time in the composing of documents. This manual and repetitive activity causes more erroneous composed documents and brings with it unnecessary employee costs reducing business profit. For organizations...

At an early stage of development. Application/middleware usage monitoring/reporting. Focus on business transactions/use cases to help communicate with users. Small footprint, easy to use GUI and a level of statistical analysis to summarise the data.

A .NET CRL Profiler. Allow to profile .NET managed applications storing data into a SQL Server Express Database.

Maven 2 Mojo Plugin that generates Source Code Management Statistics reports as part of the mvn site command.

Project Profile Post (also known as 3P) is a XML based project information file. This project contain 3P tools, which include cross platform 3P Viewer, 3P Editor, API libraries, hash injection utility and 3P API samples.

Kuklops is a codename for my projects and tutorials in Computer Vision and sometimes in Machine Learning.

Project aimed to offer a JavaScript documentation tool compatible with JavaDoc syntax and format.

xSyntax toma un archivo fuente en lenguaje C/C++(momentaneamente) y genera un archivo en formato HTML, insertando las etiquetas que permitan realzar la sintaxis del codigo(colores, y demas estilos) para poder publicarlo en internet.

Set of tools to convert LaTeX source files to Apple Help files, with Apple-specific HTML tags and stylesheets.

This project aims to provide a methodology and a range of software tools to support the load testing of complex multi-host and multi-interface commercial application environments.

FlexibleMM is a C++ memory management framework that allows programmers to specialize the memory behavior in localized parts of the program for easier debugging, more flexibility and more efficient memory allocation.

Tool to write use cases. An XSD is provided that defines an XML language for writing use cases. Use cases are then written easily in any (XSD-aware) XML editor.
The use case structure is inspired by Alistair Cockburn and his book "Writing...

Alexandria.bib is a bibliography groupware web managment system. It manages the content of LaTex .bib files and share bibliography between users. It is written in java.

The Computer History Graphing Project is a project to graph every computer standard, every piece of hardware, every OS, and every computer language in one big family tree.

See for Downloads.JDiff is a JavaDoc doclet which emits an HTML report of all the packages, classes, methods, and so on, which are different (the "diff" part) when two Java APIs are compared....

logicDocs is a lightweight simplified javaDocs type parser & webcrawling worm - written in PHP. It is a quick & dirty version of phpDocumentor. View an online demo here:

This book is my effort to introduce developers and potential developers to the wonderful world of cross-platform programming using the KDE4 API.

Reasearch and Commenting on the ROMs for Accord and Prelude Engine Control Units

A Java-Based, wiki-style application for personal use with searching capabilities. It will store your notes in a single, local, crypted Zipfile for easy handling.