New Code
ADO.NET Provider for ExactTarget 1.0
ADO.NET Provider for Dynamics CRM 1.0
UltimateStudio - All .NET components 6.0
ccDevnet Data Access Server
slimframework 1.0
phpsdl-ng 1.0
starface addons 1.0
n0gAs Template Framework (NTFW) 1.0
ZoloLib 1.0
Zero PHP Framework 1.0
XSpot for Lanbox 1.0
USB Toolz 1.0
Tiny Library 1.0
Terbooter AS3 framework 1.0
Techne 1.0
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OpenXFS 1.0
Turbo Vision for PHP 1.0
Eve Online OmberZombie 1.0
OQS - Open Queue System 1.0
ADO.NET Provider for ExactTarget 1.0
pjsip-jni 1.0
Dynamic Template System 0.98
UltimateStudio - All .NET components 6.0
towheed spring rail 1.0
Restaurant Table Reservation System 1.0
customsite 0.5.2
Hanacaraka 1.0
Robo Quiz Framework 1.0
Lmure - Web Framework Made Simple 1.0
SDL Game Engine 0.9.2
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dotConnect for ExactTarget is an ADO.NET provider for working with ExactTarget data through the standard ADO.NET or Entity Framework interfaces. It allows you to easily integrate ExactTarget data into your .NET applications, and integrate ExactTarget services with widely used data-oriented technologies.

dotConnect for ExactTarget has the same standard ADO.NET classes as other standard ADO.NET providers: ExactTargetConnection,...

dotConnect for Dynamics CRM is an ADO.NET provider for working with Dynamics CRM data through the standard ADO.NET or Entity Framework interfaces. It allows you to easily integrate Dynamics CRM data into your .NET applications, and integrate...

All .NET Ultimate Components in one package. It includes FTP, SFTP, IMAP, POP3, SMTP, Bounce Inspector, Email Validator, SSH Shell Telnet, SAML, ZIP, and Dns.

The ccDevnet Data Access Server provides an out of the box middle-tier server for creating modern, robust, scalable business apps that require native clients for Windows, iOS and Andriod and provides support for the Firebird and SQL Server...

"Slim framework" is full-stack framework for developing web applications.

SDL Binding for PHP

Software-addons to integrate starface VOIP PBX to other solutions (for example: crm, erp, filemaker, ...)

n0gAs Template Framework (NTFW) is a gathering of C++ templates (like STL) but with a Java API flavour (includes several tipes of collections with the developer-friendly Java-like programmer's interface).

ZoloLib is an open source game engine designed for making 2D games using windows and DirectX9.

Conjunto de Clases PHP5 y algunos elementos JavaScript & HTML que conforman un nucleo estandar para el desarrollo de sistemas Web 2.0

XSpot Framework communicates with Lanbox hardware by .NET. It includes a program to work with the Lanbox device. Lanbox is a network based lighting console to control static and moving lights in theaters, concerts. See

USB Toolz is a framework to facilitate USB communication, traffic monitorization and other related activities.

A C# framework used to simplify the development of larger applications in .Net.

This a set of useful AS3 classes

Techne (pronounced as `tech-nee') is a project aiming to promote widespread collaboration of ideas and experiments around the OSGi Service Platform.

Framework for agile development web based application with springframework, that provided you: - restfull url handling annonation based - scaffolding annotation based - activerecord ORM interace - simple Ajax - jruby scripting for task and more ...

This project is intended to provide software developers with a framework to allow fast develop of web based applications. It has been developed in PHP and MySQL, but it's expected to be easily configured for PostgreSQL and other Open Source DBs. is a generic recommender framework that can be used to set up a personalized environment for web sites as well as desktop applications. It enables personalization of these applications by providing individual recommendations on...

The Ram Software project is an open source project, to deliver a native C++ library for development on Windows. It's intended now to be a thank you to the students of Colorado State University, for paying their tech fee. It allows me to do...

PyCap wraps the PopCap Framework with a user-friendly, high-level Python interface, and lets you make games with ease.