New Code
Odoo Crafito Theme 1.0
fortax 1.0
Python Tool for Oracle Export (PTOE) 1.0
PHP LAN Party Administrator 1.0
FB Translator 1.0
Ajax XMLDB Connector 1.0
Data Warehouse Metadata Repository 1.0
PocketPC SQL Manager 1.3
DBS Framework 2.0
Berkeley DB Manipulation Tool 0.3
Avicenna 1.0
MGIS 1.0
DataMate 1.0
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OpenToro 1.0
STORM - Student Online Record Management 2.02
PHP LAN Party Administrator 1.0
DBvFS - Virtual Filesystem in a Database 1.0
Education Portal 1.0
Talking Book Database 1.0
Charitable Event Management System 1.0
Spreadsheet Compare 1.23.0
Defect Tracking System (PHP, MySQL) 1.0
DataMate 1.0
CollegeLibrary 1.0
DMAIG Alumni Management System 1.0
Automated Scheduler and Alert System 1.0
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An Apache DS based LDAP implementation, with oracle backend for ALL data (ou=system, ou=schema, and business branches). It runs on any edition of oracle (including XE and RAC for HA purposes).

R.I.V.E.R. seeks to be an all-inclusive volunteer management program. It uses a web-based interface to track and engage volunteer participants on both a one-time and ongoing basis. It also makes reporting easier for non-profit use.

JavaScript abstract class to manipulate (insert, delete, move) unlimited number of similar dynamic HTML form fileds on the fly (without submitting the form). Useful for CMS, table sheets of undefined number of lines or columns.

A database builder/editor/viewer for maintaining RDB tables using the Linux-based Agenda VR3 PDA. Users can create and edit structured data records compatible with the RDB tab-delimited text format.

Skid On-Line is a web based open source version of the original Skid software used by Humanist Movement

Sample applications created on Oracle Application Express

Web based Brewing Recipe Database with integrated calculator and XML Support. Allows users to upload or create beer recipes, save them, and download them as BeerXML files. Visitors can view, rate, and download recipes from the collection.

Iskra is a web front end designed for end-user management of data, aspiring to "zero configuration". It allows user access to the db tables directly based on db permissions. It does NOT allow any DDS such as create/modify tables,...

RequestToSQLServlet is a servlet that maps a http request to a sql statement and executes it.

A small Eclipse RCP based movie database, to manage your local video collection.

1/This project intends to provide an implementation of a FREE JOBBOARD system.2/The development also intends to follow good ARCHITECTURAL design patterns.Functional&amp;technical specifications are beeing written.Envrnmt : mainly .NET (C#, SQL).

Automatically generate graphical database frontends with PyQt4

A PHP news list manager for GNU Mailman.

Pure python ldap implementation removing the reliance on the open ldap c libraries.

This project called MySQL-Klik. It use to connect to mysql server and maintenance the MySQL database. This project is a MySQL-Front (Windows version) like, but this one is for Linux.I\'m using gambas to develop it.

JSP &amp; Servlet Base Database Management Tools empower the advantages of JDBC drivers.

GTS is a game-oriented but general purpose tracking system for use with anything which has a score, rank, time or winner. Players, teams, locations, events, dates, scores and rankings can all be tracked in each game.

A software for logging flight movements on small airfields or glider sites and automatically generating statistics and log books.

The MyAccess online database editor is a ASP-VBScript web application that runs on Microsoft's IIS Application server. The current release and includes functionality to create/modify/delete MS Access databases, tables, views, keys, indexes,...

OssoBook is a data-management and manipulation software, designed for maintaining archaeozoological content.

Data for archaeozoological findings can be entered into local databases (e.g. in institutes or on the way directly at the...