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Metamill 8.2.2022
EJB3 oAW4 cartridge 1.0
CD67 67
ASOPEC Security Framework 1.0
TEI LingSIG 1.0
out'o da can application framework 1.0
ETraceTool 1.0
InfoVis Project Relationship Graph 1.0
My Report 1.0
JSeqUnit 1.0
Antares DSM 1.0
WEditor 1.0
CamShaft 01.003
transacfernando 1.0
gORMmm 1.0
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Grid Network Simulation using NS2 1.0
PHiMX rc
CPU Scheduling Simulator 1.0
Manipulation tool for Petri networks 1.0
RADLib 1.0
Mantikhor 1.0
Recito 5.0
MathCad-Calculate-OND-86 86
Runes 0.7
MdaWorks 1.0
Simple Lightweight Component Framework 0.2
Model Analysis Framework 1.0
Site Hopper 0.2.0
ModelSync 1.0
StarUML2Html 2.0.4
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The SmartEMF project extends the capabilities of Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) by providing constraint-guided model instantiation.

FIX protocol discrete event simulator and test tool

it provides a user interface to the economic theory through an intuitive and easily understandable quantification of the economic value of alternative business models.

USE is a system for the specification and validation of information systems based on a subset of the Unified Modeling Language (UML) and the Object Constraint Language (OCL). Please report any encountered bugs using Mantis (reachable via...

EMWT(Eclipse Modeling Wedgit Toolkit) a specific solution of using EMF grammar for SWT/JFace directly.

A Discrete EVents Simulation (DEVS) of a Precision Approach Radar (PAR) developed as an assignment for the SYSC5105 course at the Carleton University. It was developed as DEVS formalism and implemented using the CD++ toolkit plugin to Eclipse....

cite-effect helps understand, validate and refactor programs through static analysis. After building a database, it reports variable's accesses within call tree(s), in a text format suitable for integration into editors (like jEdit or Emacs).

Plosar: Programming Language for Optimisation with Semi-Automated Reformulations

Open Mashups is a complete tool suite empowering non-programmers to create their own applications by assembling existing functionnal components.

automated refactorings, source-code metrics, audits and corrective actions. install as a stand-alone application or as a plug-in to Eclipse or NetBeans.

The project we are undertaking is to come up with a community website to facilitate all. The development will involve a mix of various components. It will primarily use EJB 3.0 with MySQL at the backend. The web 2.0 front end will be Ajax based.

KiwiCard is HyperCard like system for Mac OS X. This software is produced by Steel Wheels Project and distributed under GNU public license.

OntoCASE est un Outil d'ingA©nierie ontologique de construction d'ontologies OWL A partir d'un modA?le semi-formel graphique en langage de ModA©lisation Par Objets TypA©s (MOT) dA©veloppA© par la firme Cotechnoe...

JSpasm is a pure Java package for developing event-driven, state-based software applications and packages. This small-footprint package will handle multiple models and large numbers of entities in parallel, and includes features to support SMP...

SoftwareprojektRouting auf Basis von OSM

PerMoTo is a Performance Modelling Tool suite for decision support in the capacity and performance management of distributed transaction processing systems based on Queueing Theory and Discrete Event Simulation.

A framework to simply understandable control flows in applications. It is easy to manage flow by XML and annotations. There are many simple ways to catch actions such as transition, step entry or leaving, including control the decision similar to...

Integrates the ArgoUML modelling tool into IntelliJ IDEA 8+

Gecco is a modular "UML to Sourcecode" Designer. Just model your UML diagrams using the rules of UML 2.0 and simply generate sourcecode or even a full Project with one click. Due to modularity conversion to every programming language is...

A cross-platform equation-oriented process modelling, simulation and optimization software.