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Metamill 8.2.2022
EJB3 oAW4 cartridge 1.0
CD67 67
ASOPEC Security Framework 1.0
TEI LingSIG 1.0
out'o da can application framework 1.0
ETraceTool 1.0
InfoVis Project Relationship Graph 1.0
My Report 1.0
JSeqUnit 1.0
Antares DSM 1.0
WEditor 1.0
CamShaft 01.003
transacfernando 1.0
gORMmm 1.0
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Grid Network Simulation using NS2 1.0
PHiMX rc
CPU Scheduling Simulator 1.0
Manipulation tool for Petri networks 1.0
RADLib 1.0
Mantikhor 1.0
Recito 5.0
MathCad-Calculate-OND-86 86
Runes 0.7
MdaWorks 1.0
Simple Lightweight Component Framework 0.2
Model Analysis Framework 1.0
Site Hopper 0.2.0
ModelSync 1.0
StarUML2Html 2.0.4
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construtsor it's a visual struts development tool. It will help you to create Actions, Form and Pages and link them saving a lot of time and efforts. It could also reverse-engine struts config files.

Scribble is a language for describing global (choreography) and local (service endpoint) behaviour. Extensible tools are provided, both standalone and as Eclipse plugins, to edit the language, perform validation and export to other appropriate...

Es un proyecto que trata de diseo de ropa basado en sistemas sketching, la generacin del modelo tridimensional de ropa a partir del modelo bidimensional , y como punto final representacion de la ropa en la pasarela.

Recito is a graphical modeling and process simulation platform.

jFuzzyLogic is a java implementation of a Fuzzy Logic software package. It implements a complete Fuzzy inference system (FIS) as well as Fuzzy Control Logic compliance (FCL) according to IEC 61131-7 (formerly 1131-7).

Rumor for SBVR is an Eclipse plugin which enhances the SBeaVeR project and that enables the editing of natural language oriented business rules based on OMG SBVR standard. The tool exports business rules in other standard formats (e.g. drl, RuleML...

EMFTrace extends the EMFStore repository by dependencies and traceability links between related models of different modeling languages. The explict modeling of dependencies and traceability links of different types shall support evolutionary...

ISOcat is the open source reference implementation of the ISO 12620 standard, which describes the data model and procedures for a Data Category Registry (DCR).

Large BPEL or SOA applications may have many components and relationships that can be difficult to understand. This project generates diagrams for applications based on the Service Component Architecture (SCA) model.

This has primarily...

PopED (Population Experimental Design) is a software tool for computing optimal experimental designs. The software has been developed with an emphasis on drug trials based on population models (non-linear mixed effects models).

Interactive Nullness Annotation Propagation Application - assists a developer with adding nullness annotations (i.e. JML) to Java source code. This makes it easier to use a checker like ESC/Java for statically identifying potential null pointer bugs.

This library is the source code for the development of neural networks with dynamic random links, or other systems.

1chipMSX Unofficial Firmware Pack

Plugin to Import a DTD and convert it into a EMF Model. This plugin uses Trang DTD to XSD Conversion Mechanism to generate the Ecore and GenModel from the DTD.

Computer Vision based on two webcams. Exports object files to .obj format.Project plan is to support streaming of object files for external viewing.

SQL2DIA is a set of Perl scripts to generate Dia diagrams from existing databases.

MOQ4 is a mock objects library for qnx4. Collection of mock objects (IPC, devices, timers) and a kernel simulation model.

A model checker for "Dynamic Epistemic Logic", written in literate Haskell.

We use human language to describe the real world. But our brain stop us from dealing with more complex objects. We use computers to help us. What is the Tao of computers? We teach them, then they may tell us!