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Syntact Common Utilities 1.0
Superglue 1.0
SoftXpath - JavaScript library 1.0
PHP-ORMapper 1.0
MyActiveRecord 1.0
JDBPersister 1.0
DomFace 1.0
JOD Snapshot 0.1
ExtJS-ORM 1.0
autoworkinjava 1.0
Portable Botanist 1.0
IDataContext rc
YOPS 1.0.0
PHP Scripting Engine Plugin for Helma 0.1
SqIRC rc32
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Mouse Tracking 1.0
C++ Container Framework 1.0
Robot Labyrinth rc
eComercio 1.0
Spring Hibernate-WebFlow Template App 1.0
MCLA Robotics rc
Patterns and principles code samples 1.0
Print with Ease - The Java Library - 1.0
Exame CES-22 - Controlador de Faltas 1.0
Simple Signals and Slots 1
IDataContext rc
AODV Simulator 1.0
Info-Studenten-Probleme 1.0
Java SE MIDP2 2.0.1
Java Basic Application Framework API 1.0.1
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Provides a Java class framework to facilitate the creation and use of type safe enumerations in pre-1.5 JREs.

Superglue is supposed to be a leightweight object-relational Mapping library for Java/Jdbc.

SoftXPath is lightweight cross browser JavaScript library written for web developers who deals with client side XML parsing.With the help of SoftXPath you will be able to query complex XML documents using powerful Xpath expressions.

A simple yet fully functional O/R mapper for the PHP programming language. Code demo and documentation is bundled in the zip-file.Required software is PHP 5.1 and above, or PHP 5.0 with PDO extension. Will not run with version of PHP earlier of 5.0.

PHP interpretation of Martin Fowler's 'Active Record' pattern as popularised by Ruby on Rails. Translates MySQL tables to Classes and Rows to Objects with bare-minimum configuration.

JDBPersister is a framework for persisting any objects in relational database. It provides shallow and deep storing of the objects, searching them based on various criteria. It can be extended with custom object persisting.

DomFace is a Python class package defining a set of classes that may be used to create flexible interfaces to XML DOM structures. DomFace is based on 4Suite XML ( and can be seen as a third layer of abstraction, above the DOM.

J.O.D. Snapshot. The Java Object Directory Snapshot allows you to map your Java objects onto LDAP directory objects

ExtJS client and server side extension with a built-in ORM solution that can be used separately. Integration with Spring, JPA and JCR on server side as well as client side improved controls will simplify your development process and design decisions.

java framework&java languge extentions project. design more powerful java type etc.

A mobile application to identify plant images. A portable botanist at your fingertips.

data-context is an Java objects container. It can contain any object at any deep, just like map, however, it providers following functions:1)auto create nesting object when encounter NPE by reflection2)auto convert data type3)full xpath syntax

YOPS (Ye Olde Photo Shoppe) is a media manipulation framework written in Java. Computer science educators use this framework to help novices learn and practice fundamental programming concepts by having them create tools for their own...

Helma is a web application framework. It offers support for various scripting engines, but still the Rhino JS scripting engine plugin is the only bundled plugin. This project offers a PHP plugin, allowing PHP developers to make use of the Helma...

SqIRC is light IRC client written in java, with script control and plugin!

libthrowable is a small library to ease error handling and debugging in C++.

The PHP Multiplexed I/O library is an object oriented PHP5 library for managing multiplexed (or non-blocking) I/O. It is loosely based on the selectable channels nonblocking IO implementation from Java's NIO package.

New Framework based on php5.x, XHTML and the Mootools-JS-Libs.

Jusdo is a complete C++ application framework, including a huge class library. It is intended for easy development of big software projects using free tools. It's main platform is Linux/X11 but also Windows is fine.

A rich administrative interface for accessing JCR (Java Content Repositories). See directory for current downloads