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lsperf rc
SPOT: the Software Process Tracker 1.0
WebAPSEE - Flexible Process Management 1.5
bugfree4j 1.0
QA Centre 1.0
MailStatis 1.0
AppDigest 0.1
HTTP Tester 0.6
Simple Web Automation Toolkit 1.0
OpenUTP 1.0
Open Team Server 1.0
SpringContracts 1.0
myPmps 0.8.5
CPAN::YACSmoke 0.03.05
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Mantis Forms and Reports 1.0
Unified Change Management Interface 1.0
SPOT: the Software Process Tracker 1.0
Xinc+ Continuous Integration 1.0
Java File Integrity Checking - ChkSum 1.1
Scale Tracker 2.b18
Live Scrum Software 0.1
REPSI Tool 1.0
RFID Device Control Center 0.1
PyMetrics 0.8.1
LogCrawler 0.1
RTH Turbo 1.0
GALD - An Extensible Debugging system 1.0
loadUI 2.1.0
Mad for DB 1.0
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lsperf is an utility listing performance of various computer components.

SPOT, the Software Process Tracker, is a CASE tool designed to support the Personal Software Process (PSP) and the Team Software Process (PSP).

WebAPSEE is an open source project which aims to provide automated support for software process management. The users list is:

TSL-TGE -- Test Specification Language-Test Generation Engine

Specify independent and dependent factors in an XML file, TSL. Then TGE makes substitutions of generated combinations into a template file. For use in Factorial Test Design.

This is a software to track bug based on Java program. You can use flexible query criteria to do CR (Change Request) tracking Demo is here

This project aims at developing a simple but useful quality assurance tool/framework based on a simple but good enough quality assurance model and process. The tool shall not be just a clone of any commercial products.

Script that receives the text archives generated by Mailman and generates a CSV file with the following information:- Total number of emails sent in a period- Emails sent per day- Emails sent per user in a period

Library to include in your (web-)application for checking the integrity of your deployed applications. AppDigest creates hashcodes for all projectfiles and offers the possibility to check (via servlet call or command line) for unwanted modifications.

A lightweight performance and functional Test Tool that executes tests again a list of URLs recorded from IE or Firefox! Very easy to use! Provides multiple user / iteration testing with basic response times.


The Simple Web Automation Toolkit (SWAT) is a test tool that allows users to automate web application testing in multiple browsers. SWAT has a robust Editor with UI recording and SQL tools, integrates with Fitnesse, and is written in C#.

Open Unified Test Process (openUTP) provides a progressive approach for test managers who are responsible for maintaining and implementing test processes. This represents an EPF method library for Eclipse Process Framework Composer (EPF Composer).

An open source system for managing the whole lifecycle of a software project.

Design by Contract with seamless integration into the Spring Framework, based on Annotations, AOP and a pluggable Specification Language (supports Expression Language (EL) with Extensions, Groovy, OGNL out of the box).

mind your Project Management Process Scout links open source software to the PMI based project management by offering a site describing the PMBOK knowledge areas, by a classification of os pm software and by os documents for constituting a PMI...

CPAN::YACSmoke - Yet Another CPAN Smoke Tester

An issue tracker written entirely in java, following the same principles of trac (

FTF (for Flexible Testing Framework) is a modular framework for testing, both automatic and manual, and quality assurance. FTF initial development has been done in the EDOS project, to support Linux distributions testing.

A flexible tool to track issues. A branch of Bugtracker.NET. All the functionality plus improved security, better use of ASP.NET infrastructure, html, css, AJAX, localization, and VS.NET 2003 solution.

This simple bug logging application make QA work as much simple as possible. Read news here With regards Rod Gurov SQA Engineer

This project has been relocated at