New Code
DTM File Factory 1.00.00
UseOffice .Net 4.0
csvplus - utilities for csv files 1.0
Wikia Formatter 1.0
uniquelines 1.0
Lekhar 1.0
JFileReader 1.0
Change Encoding Utility 1.0
Namelur random name generator rc
PHPSCH - Source Code Highlighter 1.0
LaTeX Track Changes 0.9.12
netGpad 1005
Versatile OCR 1.0
FOP C# Port
richhtml4eclipse 1.0.0
Top Code
Auvai Text to Speech 1.0
HTML Wordprocessor for Java 1.0
Lingala NLP 0.06
wordMint 1.0
OaK Notepad 1.0
xml2doc 20030510
Finalspeed 1.0
SILGraphite: rendering non-roman scripts
JavaForJava 1.0
Java Desktop Environment 1.0
Embedded Dictionary Project 1.0
pdfanalizer 1.0
SuperPad 1.0
ASCIIMathML 2.0.2
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A small lib designed for editing text files by line, easy read/write/modifying without getting the whole content first.

Migma intends to help teachers to get several different multiple-choice exams based on the users original. This command line program quickly generates a number of different new tests (and their respective answer sheets).

Ansifilter handles text files containing ANSI terminal escape codes.
The command sequences may be stripped or be interpreted to generate formatted output (HTML, RTF, TeX, LaTeX, BBCode).

TickleText is a fast, lightweight text editor written in Tcl/Tk (less than 1000 lines of code!), with many groOvy features for hacking code, taking notes, LaTeX, html, etc.

a LaTeX formula converter to png images using anice GTK gui

Project Homepage is moved to

A viewer and editor of kunkunshi (sheet music for Okinawan shamisen called sanshin).

Easy to use Java wrapper for UNO remote control facility. It may also serve as a repository of examples how to control remotely using Java. NOTE: This project does contain useful code but its development stopped in 2005.

What to quickly know the length of a string? Convert to upper or lower case? We introduce... strtools. The command line utility that should be included in all operating systems.

A useful wrapper for programming, debugging and scripting.

Scatty provides a way to organize and document your life. It combines common tools such as an Atlas, Calendar, Contact List, Digital Album, Folder, and a Notebook into one solution. Think of it as a digitally-enhanced Journal.

MvOLE is program for reading Microsoft OLE Storage file (such as MS Word .doc or MS Excel .xls). You can get content of any OLE object in this file, even if it is damaged. Object's content may be translated from MS Office UNICODE to plain text.

Docear (pronounced dog-ear) is what we call an a€?academic literature suitea€?. It integrates everything you need to search, organize and create academic literature in a single application: a digital library, reference manager, PDF and...

Microsoft officially recommends a number of methods for recovering corrupt Word files that either can or cannot be opened. This GUI app provides buttons to invoke most of these as well as providing independent methods for recovering from Microsoft...

A utility based on java which translate txt files into PDF files. GUI / Console interface will be provided.

PHP Ajax File and Image Manager. Features:1. Php and Ajax Based file and image manager 2. Build-In Image Editor and Text editor 4. multiple Javascript Editors supported (tinymce,fckeditor) 5. Multi-language supported 6. access control supported

The next version of Kneemail will be released through the Google open source project hosting service. The SourceForge project is being closed. We will update this info once the next release has been made public.

It is a simple password manager for your PC and Smartphone. It works like a text editor and uses a strong cryptography algorithm to generate the end file.

The LaTeX Equation Compiler is a preprocessor for LaTeX files that enables numeric and symbolic calculations. It reads equations specified by special keywords in the LaTeX file, manipulates them and calculates numeric values of variables.

WYSIWYG .NET editor is an HTML editor that attempt to display the web page as it will show on the browser. It's a visual editor, and you dona€™t manipulate the code directly.

Arianne is a multiplayer online engine to develop turn based and real time games providing a simple way of creating the game server rules and clients like Stendhal. Marauroa, our server, uses Java and MySQL for hosting dozens of players on a solo...