New Code
DTM File Factory 1.00.00
UseOffice .Net 4.0
csvplus - utilities for csv files 1.0
Wikia Formatter 1.0
uniquelines 1.0
Lekhar 1.0
JFileReader 1.0
Change Encoding Utility 1.0
PHPSCH - Source Code Highlighter 1.0
LaTeX Track Changes 0.9.12
netGpad 1005
Versatile OCR 1.0
FOP C# Port
richhtml4eclipse 1.0.0
Galician dictionaries 02.1
Top Code
Auvai Text to Speech 1.0
HTML Wordprocessor for Java 1.0
Lingala NLP 0.06
OaK Notepad 1.0
xml2doc 20030510
Finalspeed 1.0
SILGraphite: rendering non-roman scripts
JavaForJava 1.0
Java Desktop Environment 1.0
pdfanalizer 1.0
SuperPad 1.0
ASCIIMathML 2.0.2
Media Portal Skin Flipper 1.01
G.C Word Express 1.0
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DTM File Factory is a template based test file generator. The software supports a lot of data sources: databases, Excel spreadsheets, text files, XML documents, web files, regular expressions, etc.
Value library with most useful data: countries, cities, currencies, companies, industries, names, etc. makes data more realistic.
The powerful built-in data generation engine with more than 50 functions supports dependencies and data...

UseOffice. Net is a reliable component for converting between DOC, DOCX, RTF, XLS, XLSX, HTML, PPT, CSV, Text and PDF documents with tables, images, fonts, colors. The component is created with C # and helps developers to easily create a ASP.Net...

csvplus is a collection of Perl-based utilities for querying csv files.

This project will do formatting for the wikia wikis. Initially just a notes program and accept input of descriptions of a quest for Uncharted Worlds Online ( ). Gives wiki code for

Send unique lines to standard out. Remove duplicate lines from anywhere within a text file. Usage example : uniquelines command_history > commmand_history.unique

A very simple Java application to write in Devanagari script using the simple QWERTY keyboard (US). The Devanagari Aksharas (syllables) are mapped to their phonetically equivalent counterparts on the English keyboard (there are exceptions to this).

JFileReader allows users to view the contents of any file in a bytewise manner using a simple GUI interface. Functions include byte view changes to different primitive datatypes, endianess changes, and file content exports to new files.

Have you ever encountered dynamic web page (php, problems as like being browsed full of question marks? This (currently) tiny utility is for you. It tries to correct the problem by changing the file encoding to unicode.

PHPSCH is php based source code syntax highlighter. It supports php, c++, c#, java, delphi, css, html, mysql. You can change the default syntax colors with yours. project page:

LaTeX Track Changes provides a wrapper for a git or svn repository of a LaTeX project that allows to track changes over time. An Emacs mode and plug-in serves as the UI. Plug-ins for other editors (such as TeXShop) are planned.

netGPad is a free Gujarati Unicode Text Editor. You can write Gujarati very easily in netGPad using two writing style: iGujarati and BasicGujarati.

VOCR is the Optical Character Recognition Software for Hindi and other Indian Langugages

This project is a port of the Apache Java-based XSL-FO formatter FOP to C#. The purpose is to support the growth and adoption of the XSL-FO standard and to make FOPs capabilities embeddable in managed code applications for the .NET CLR -- since...

richhtml4eclipse is a WYSIWYG HTML-editor widget for SWT and can be integrated into an Eclipse environment. THIS PROJECT IS NOT UNDER ACTIVE DEVELOPMENT: see for the continued project.

This project offers galician dictionaries for several spell checkers: "Ispell", "Myspell" , "Aspell", "Spell Checker for Edit Boxes" and "Excalibur".

A quick hack of a plugin for vim that adds annotation using quickfix.

Tool that allow writing Arabic text with Arabic character, using a Latin keyboard

Yatti (rhymes with "patty") is a Java-based template engine. Given a template file with plain text and Java commands, Yatti will interpret the file and produce the appropriate output.

Programa para generar documentos HTML con expresiones matemticas incrustadas, procesadas con Maxima ( Germn Mndez Gonzlez (

jMerge is a graphical tool for viewing and resolving differences between two files. jMerge is written entirely in Java and attempts to provide a simple yet powerful user interface.