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Adobe Source Libraries 1.0.43
NetText 1.0
Srbizator 1.0
Polska wersja Zen Cart 26042007
Noas PHP, extreme framework for PHP5 5
TinyTM 1.0
Open Transliteration 1.0
atf8 8
Firefox Vietnamese 1.0
I18N_UnicodeNormalizer 1.0.0
LB - Grupo de Traduo 1.0
phpSetText 1.0
Fundamental Types 1.0
Panini l10n management framework 1.0
espeak-tswana 1.44.28
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Oriya-Dictionary 1.0
mail4j 1.0
chardetcmdline 0.8
vnTokenizer 1.0
Bangla OCR 1.0
Myanmar Sar 1.0
Funambol Java Mail Chinese 1.0
Net*FOSS 1.0
Open Transliteration 1.0
Open Zakat 1.0
OpenCFNewsletter 1.0
OpenTCM 1.0
PHP localize 1.0
Perlets 1.0
Persian Support for JSR310 310
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eCommerce application with Localised Unicode (Tamil and other Indic scripts) using Ruby on Rails

unistring is a C++ Unicode string class. It is fully compatible with C++ standard library strings. It stores characters as UTF-16. It can convert to and from UTF-8, UTF-16, UTF-32, and wchar_t.

This is the Swedish translation project for the phpBB forum software. We are doing translations of the actual software itself, documentation, guides, MODs, etc.

ClassBased-I18n is a console program which provide you some convenience when handling i18n resource bundle files with eclipse IDE. ClassBased-I18n saves i18n messages into java file(therefore class file). And using that files, it generate resource...

Compendium en nahuatl en formato pot, para usar en KDE. ( Reorganizando el proyecto ... )

Finnish localisation development project of The localisation project complements the Finnish native-lang project at, which publishes and promotes in Finnish.

Vasundhara is a collection of OpenType and TrueType fonts for the Telugu script.

GlobalSight is an open-source Translation Management System (TMS) that provides a scalable translation management platform tailored for companies to manage, translate and deliver global content. For more information please go to

m23/Translator is a wiki like tool to help people to translate texts in different languages over the internet.

Eclipse plugin for editing Java resource bundles. Lets you manage all localized properties files in one screen. Some features: sorted keys, warning icons on missing keys/values, conversion to/from Unicode, hierarchical view of keys, more...

ATECH Tools is set of tools intended for developers. It contains I18 tools, Swing/AWT tools (Layout,Components) and some tools for Hibernate (id, mgmt tool, export, import). Some classes have minor bugs but most of them are already used in projects.

Turkish analyzer for Apache's full text search library "Lucene".

This is an Eclipse plugin, that registers as default Editor for *.properties files.It is a fast Resource Bundle Editor. It comes with a NewWizard and a MultipageEditor.

Trancestris is the translation tool for Ancestris, our genealogy program.
Written in Java, trancestris is available for all OS.

The G11NToolKit is a collection of programs/components to support the internationalization (I18N) and localization (L10N) engineering processes.

Count files and directories in a directory structure according to their file extension.

Spanish localization of the CMS known as CommunityServer 2.0 Free Express Edition. This localization is being worked by the DotNetClub Almera (Spain).

PHP5-based MVC framework for development of scalable, secure and extensible web applications

A verso em Portugus do Brasil das templates do Bugzilla (verso atual: 3.0-alpha). --- The Brazilian portuguese version of Bugzilla templates (current version: 3.0-alpha). >Bugzilla website:

Project aimed for Kirghiz locale support CLDR - Unicode Common Locale Data Repository