New Code
Porting Manager 1.0
SilentBob b.2.7.1
UNEN LAB's Virtual Processor Maker! 1
sqlash 1.0
ZeroFolder 1.0
SphinxSearch 0.7.1
DemoJTool 1.0
Unified Static Content Compressor 1.0
PHP Multiple Inheritance Patch 1.0
Thread Dump Viewer 1.1
Viegas Rubim 0.1.2
libpardus 1.0
Simple List Library 1.0
PHP Custom Superglobals Patch 1.0
Utilujah 1.0
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Easy Java Function Parser 1.0
Unit Converter using PHP and HTML 1.0
IDM Batch Link Adder 1.0
jQuery Form Validation Plugin 1.0
Eclipse Java Project Creation Customizer 0.0.3
C++ Library Install Utility 1.0
Diagnostic Print System 1.0
RebelEXT 1.0
Reorganization of Web page for blind peo 1.0
Retouch your FireFox 1.0
RobhicExcel 1.0
MackLight 1.0
Magic-Tools 1.0
Mercury Indent 1.0
MoAS 1.0
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An application to manage and editing J2ME jad/jar files and BlackBerry processes of uploading, erasing, screen-shooting and debugging.

The SilentBob is yet another indexing tool helping you to find your way through the software source code.

UNEN Lab's VPM 1.0 (Virtual processor software) is a free software that will crate a virtual processor for your compute.It allow you to run game & application with your virtualized processor.Install it & fell the power of it!

A DML client for MySQL. This shell takes bash like commands and executes them on top of MySQL. This comes very handy for people just checking out some data out of MySQL.

Command line program that searches for empty folders and deletes them.

SphinxSearch is an extension for MediaWiki to replace the built-in search engine with a Sphinx search engine backend.

DemoJTool is a Java-based self-running demo. This utility enables to record macroses, that discribe possibilities and features of your program. It makes user teaching faster and easier.

The aim is to provide a simple app that compresses various types of static content.

This patch for PHP will allow multiple class inheritance:class A { public $a = 1;}class B { public $b = 2;}class C extends A, B { public $c = 3;}$c = new C() ;echo $c->a; // 1echo $c->b; // 2echo $c->c; // 3

Thread dump viewer is a powerful tool for thread dump analysis. Opens thread dumps from Sun JDK for Windows and Solaris, HP JDK and IBM JDK for Windows, Linux and AIX.

Viegas Rubim is a clone system livecd based on Ubuntu. It aims to be a powerful clone-rescue system for x86 x64 archs. Using the bittorrent to data transfer, accelerating the clone process.

libpardus is a python library primarily providing tools for facilitated option parsing in command line programs.

Extremely small and fast library to operate on doubly and singly linked lists. It's completely dedicated library useful in projects intended to be small and fast.

This patch for PHP5 will allow declaration of custom superglobals (like $_POST, $_GET, and $_SERVER) using a "superglobal" keyword. These superglobals will be accessible in any function/method in the script once declared superglobal.

Utility library for Java, including Boyer-Moore search, hex, base32 and base64 coders with user-defined alphabets, variable-length int and long encoding.

Source Switch is a plugin for Notepad++ that allows an easy switch between project source and header files. Various current supported extensions with more to be added in the future.

SimpleDate is a open source library to handle Calendar selection for Swing Application and very easy to use.SimpleDate is a utility like 'Date and Time Picker' in Microsoft Access.SimpleDate requires Java 1.5.

Visual Studio 2005, 2008(c) Addin and plugin manager- fast access to files with a code in active Solution- fast access to elements of a code in the current editor

This tool converts long values into Java-Dates (java.util.Date) and Java-Dates into long values. Useful for Developers who save theirs dates as long values in a database.

Card sort research has applications in psychology, web development, and market research. Here, we offer a digital card sorting tool with a simple, user friendly interface and powerful analysis tools.

We concentrate on a flexible,...