New Code
Shave999's ROM Manager 1.0
Java Command-Line Parser 1.0
openfcoeinstaller 1.0
microEWT 0.94
CustomControls.Net 1.0
pseudoku 1.0
GooCanvas 32
Echo2Impress 0.3
SweenJet 1.1.beta
Natural CLI 1.2.3
MiG Layout Manager for Java Swing & SWT 1.0
Kimbaya - Open Source Firebird designer 1.0
Data Structure & Algorithm Library(DSAL) 1.0.52
torrentqueue 1.0
pyrap 1.0
Top Code
FeedWind 1.0
iGesture - Gesture Recognition Framework 1.0
Winforms Calendar 1.1
Visual Basic game template 1.0
Mangos Control Panel 1.0
Wialon Kit 1.0
ZK Mobile 1.0
Tab View for Mobile device 1.0
Visual Data Mining System 1.0
embedded Command Line Interpreter (eCLI) 03052011
SoftMouse 1.0
iisTaskPanel rc
Virtual News Reader 01
Using Yahoo UI in OO PHP 1.0
PDF viewer in flash and on the web 1.0
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Shave999's ROM Manager is designed to customize PocketPC ROMs for flashing to any PPC Device

A fully-featured, extensible Java command-line parser conforming to the POSIX/GNU command-line utility recommendations. Its carefully designed API allows parsing of complex command-lines with just a few lines of code.

Open Source Graphical user interface for installing Initiator and target of Open FCoE (Fibre Channel over Ethernet)
Developers: Pranoti Kale, Harshada Kshirsagar, Pooja Ramrakhyani, Tejashri Vinode, Ashwin Tumma

microEWT is a Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME) user interface library that allows to create free-form, event-driven user interfaces for mobile devices. is a library written in C# and JavaScript consisting of custom controls for the ASP.NET platform. The library will typical include controls like Tabs, NumericTextbox, MenuTransformer, ExtendedDataGrid, ArrowNavigator etc. The aim is to...

This is a Su-do-ku game solver and player.It generates a complete Sudoku.

GooCanvas is a canvas widget for GTK+ that uses the cairo 2D library for drawing. Its home page is now:

Echo2Impress is an application based on NextApp's Echo used to create presentations

SweenJet helps developers to create Java applications. It provides constrained models, useful Swing components (e.g. splash screen, input fields), actions, look-and-feel enhancements (e.g. themes, multi-line tooltip), and a complete preferences...

Natural CLI is a library that provides Java and Python command line developers with an easy way to use human readable command line interfaces. Command line are very easy to define. For examples, visit

MiG Layout is the most versatile and flexible Java Swing and SWT Layout Manager. MiG Layout can produce flowing, grid based, absolute (with links), grouped and docking layouts and you will never have to switch to another layout manager ever again!

I've been googling and I didn't find a good open source IDE for managing/designing Firebird databases (and obviusly I don't want to use illegal software) I decided to build my own. Does anyone want to help?


The Data Structure & Algorithm Library (DSAL) is a library of classical data structure and algorithm.

Webinterface for btqueue project.

pyrap is a pygtk application and python library that will allow a tester to "record and playback" gui applications on linux. The recorded test creates a executable python script for playback. Recording uses image recognition.

Sample Maven skeleton project to help start with new GWT projectusing Google Web Toolkit, maven, Java 5, Ext-JS, and springframework, as well as integration spring security and otheruseful open source technologies.

This project provides an user interface for the backup program DAR. The main features (already implemented or planned) are backup of multiple directories/files, resumeable backups and the recovery of backups. You can create incremental or full...

LEET (Large Experiment and Evaluation Tool) is a front-end software utility for WEKA that simplifies large-scale experiment and evaluation of algorithms and datasets in the classification context.

Now,glew1.5.4 Ada binding out! We rewrite the translate-tool and the whole glew . C++ Ref from:

tk-goodies provides a set of Tcl/Tk packages to build GUI in an easy and powerfull way.