New Code
ExpTools 0.5
Subversion Control Panel 1.0
Ghidello Tools 1.0
CVS client interface in Java 0.4.1
EasyToUseCvs 1.0
Diffident 0.3
ScarNastics3D 1.0
svnauthzctl 0.0.1
Alex's Hg Scripts 1.0
SVNStation 1.0
ddojmp 1.0
j4RCS 4
Secure Instant Messenging System 1.0
DAoK - Webbased Board Roleplaying Game 1.0
CVSreport 1.0
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cvs-syncmail (Perl version) 1.0
Jlibrary 32
QuantUrl 1.0
cvsFinder 0.1
Kylix CVS interface rc.0.3.0
MGMAddOn WinCVS Extension Set 1.0
Porc - Project Oriented Revision Control 1.0
SimpleCVS 1.2
The FILTR 4.5.4
Tortoise Plugin 1.0
TortoiseCVS Windows Installer rc
Virtual CVS Filesystem 0.1
cvsq 0.4.4
Visual Age to CVS client 0.38
cvsstat 1.3
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ATTENTION!ExpTools has been renamed to ExpLabTo visit the new homepage click on "Home page".

Subversion Control Panel is web-based Control Panel for Subversion server written on PHP.

An implementation of the CVS client/server protocol in Java. It also has classes for user interaction via a command line or using a Swing GUI.

Are you being bothered by remembering the long CVS Shell commands? Now, "Easy CVS API/Shell-command" will ease your burden of remembering the CVS "import" command or so. Just keyin "CvsImport", and you will be guided to...

Diffident is a coloured side-by-side diff viewer and editor that works in a terminal.

The goal is 3D game engine. I will also want to have a 2D version of the same thing :) People will like multi-choice for 1 game =p ScarNastics 3D game build on jMonkeyEngine[jME2, 2009] ScarNastics 2D game build on a personal home build written by...

Small utility for managing access rules to Subversion repository, editing file conf/authz.

This script was designed to run on a PHP-enabled web server that hosts Mercurial (Hg) repositories. It will initialize a new repository under the specified name and create the HGRC file with the description and contact information.

A user friendly web application for managing a Subversion site

lecteur mp3 flash, lA©ger et configurable

This is a simple java-swing front end for the RCS program.It allow to manage projects made of several ffiles instead of doing it file by file with the command-line program.

The 'secims' project intends to implement many2many secure group communication as a plugin to Gaim instant messenger.

DAoK is a webbased Roleplaying Game using phpBB3 Olympus as main plattform. It will have an own AI (A.L.I.C.E) which is already converted to phpBB. Using local dataresources for each client we are able to ignore bandwidth for grafic and audio...

CVSreport formats and mails configurable reports of CVS events (add, remove, modify). It is meant to cooperate with cvsweb/viewcvs CGIs.

A collaboration tool for enterprise software development and implementation.

Pynta is flexible web framework written in Python.
All development going on

xiaowoniu Write relevant development documents

PHP script for collapsing revisions in CVS repositories (typically used to clean revisions of stored binaries).

An easy to use cvs document control tool for private and public documents. Control interfaces for posting and browsing: Web server (python cgi), Email responder(Based on Jeepers), Other(s)