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AsWing for Complete applications 1.5
Digital Clock Script 1.1
FlashBPELViewer for Complete applications 0.7b
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Total menu 2.2
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SLANTED Flash XML Banner / Gallery 1.0
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Script For Resize Popup Window In Flash 1.0
Pixel Zoom 1.0
full dynamic flash gallery 1.0
My Company Template XML 1.0
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Total news EXT - universal flash news tool where you can customize practically any parameter.

Flash extension "Total News EXT" can be used as news, the catalogue of the goods, top and as many other things.

In this flash extension all used texts support html formatting and you can achieve any desirable effect. Take advantage of this flash extension and you will see that the quantity html pages in your site will...

The Flash Player 9 runs in a new ActionScript Virtual Machine (AVM). Though many new projects can be developed ground up using Flash 9 or Flex, it is likely that your projects will still be using elements and SWFs that have been published for the...

FLA AZUREUS STATS VIEWER is a Flash Script and Projector for viewing the Azureus Stats XML.

Actionscript 3.0 Particle Systems uses Flash ability to create fascinating visual effects.

Class w/examples to provide a method to easily extract data from XML files

This is a fully XML driven, resizable image viewer prepared to fit as home page banner as well as product or portfolio gallery. This can also be loaded inside Flash websites and Templates. Doesn't needs thumbnail images and able to show unlimited...

An elegant XML products slider fully customizable through XML. No flash knowledge required. Easy to implement it in your website.

- XML driven content making it easy to customize, update and maintain
- supports any...

FlashForum engine is the one and only flash-based forum engine (script) that breakes stereotypes on flash forums.

- insanely fast
- fully customizable
- fully skinable
- fully localizable
- very easy to...

This code will get you started with a fully customizable resizable window that you can drag, drop and resize. A resize event is sent out to a function that you will add code into that will resize your content that lives inside the window. Skinable...

* 3 skins available in package (also you can change color easily)
* You can use this into html page or use it inside your flash project
* Support html formatted
* Add unlimited projects
* Add url for each...

Complete resizable. Background color automatically changes to match each image color. Options available to enable /disable this feature.Five types of transition for large image. Option to choose any one of the transition or auto transition. Add...

This is Sliding Banner Rotator Pro which display you images/swf with very cool sliding effect. Banner can play sequential or random, support mouse wheel scroll, support special characters like and more! Read below for more features!


The 3D Stack can be easily used to display groups of images, movie clips, SWFs with perspective, depth, fading and much more!


* Camera proximity and vanishing point customizable fading for objects
* Easy to...

Sprigst Scroller Pro is professional component for creating an effect of scrolling on a web page. As scrolling items you may use plain text, html-text with css-styling, image or flash movie. Sprigst Scroller Pro will allow using space of your site...

There are 2 examples :
First one loads variables from a txt file
The second one from a XML file
It's very easy to change the date and the link !

This is a nice bitmap pixel zoom. You can set the zoom (for e.g zoom 5 or 6 etc) and the dimension of each zoom box(for e.g w = 150 px and h=150 px).

This is a simple but attractive circular preloader.You can load pictures,swf files,movies etc. Simple to use and customize, just copy and paste the movie clip. ONLY 11KB !

Display current date and time in different colors.Just drag and drop one of those movie clips. Music ON/OFF. This movie clip loads an internal sound file.In this case this sound file is called "music".To change the name ,go to music...

Flash Right Click Menu to make your website more interactive.Very easy to change the script.Only 1 code frame just copy/paste to your flash website.

This is a complete and easy to update Flash Web Site Template which is completely customizable!This template contains 6 pages.You can easily change the names of each buttons,the contains of each page etc (see help.txt)
Furthermore, it's very,...