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What has this gallery: Division of photos by album; Fullscreen; Image panning; Mouse scroll; Time bar; Resizable; 3 different types for navigation between images; Set the time interval, autoplay and initial album by XML.

It's 100% vector based, drag to any size without loss of graphic quality. Very easy to edit, comes with 7 coloured backgrounds.

Only replace the image and Ripple Water Effect ready to use. Change Ripple Water Effect speed in the action script. For more help plz. leave a message.

This is a Grid Image Gallery with slider and it has the following features: Grid slider and big viewer; Change the images in the XML file; Prev, next, close button; Tips description

Other Features: Fullscreen button; Slider and...

E-mail validation; Used mail $headers, so that the email will never be send to Spam folder. You can change the email address where the mails should be send to in PHP file. Status message. ActionScript 3.0. Easy to understand PHP.

The form has name, mail, subject, message fields. E-mail validation; alert for error. Used mail $headers ,So that the email will never send to Spam folder. Nice design effect. You can change the email address where the mails should be send to in...

Move Mouse Star Effect Very effect to add in your any project.
Change speed etc. in the action script. Full Screen Mode.

Uses md5 for Encrypted passwords, panel for password recovery and user registration. MySQL, PHP and AS2. Commented code.

Easy too use; All change can be too easy; Unlimited User name and password; PHP and PHP&mySQL version; Keyboard ENTER key push power button click.

Easy to use (Drag $ Drop). Set tooltip texts and all colors in XML. Detailed help file

Key features of this contact form are: Easy to configure, using an included XML file. Change the required fields. Change the items listed in the three marketing combo boxes using the XML file. Easy to install: insert the SWF file into your...

It allows the user to enter their name, email address, phone number, subject, message and select how they want to be contacted back. It then sends this information to your email address via PHP. Key features of this contact form are: Easy to...

The following parameters can be found in main.xml: stage_width = "600" ( flash width, should be equal to "width" you set in html ); stage_height = "325" ( flash height, should be equal to "height" you set in...

Key features of this contact form are: Easy to configure, using an included XML file. Easy to install. Just insert the SWF file into your webpage, upload the file along with the PHP and XML files and that's it! No need for you to have Flash...

If you didn't name it as "backgroundPicture" then you need to change the code from Line 21 (backgroundPicture - yourNewClassName). You can change the sound from the code. Enjoy it.

Please view all four demo examples and keep in mind all we changed were the XML Settings, that's all ! We've mostly focused on the most common usage in the demos, but very different designs can be obtained as well. With over 110 XML Settings,...

With over 110 XML Settings, highly optimized code, AS2 and AS3 versions, tons of features, auto-play, mouse and slider scrolling this is the only horizontal dock menu you'll ever need. This product can be used within your flash project or...

This is part of my old project , it was an application based on Google Map API for Flash, I had to make the marker and the info window draggable , and the shadow of the info window must generate automatically. It cost me a lot of time,so I think...

Other Features: HTML/CSS formatted text with different style, color and size; items have reflection effect; the number of visible items is customizable as well as the number of simultaneous slides; distinct movement effects for sliding items;...

The component is XML-driven which means that all customization is as simple as it can be. Just open a text editor (like Notepad for example) and make all necessary changes. Within the XML file you can: change the color scheme; add an unlimited...