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This program is used for displaying raining effect image over desktop or on webpages. It has customization facility that allows users to change the parameters of image as they like. This program gives ability to the users to scroll text over image and also they scroll text in any direction. Applet can be resized according to the users requirement.

This script is based on java applet that helps web developers to generate an image with snowfall visual effect. It displays image with snowfall effect and also they can run any words in between images from left to right or from right to left as...

This is Java visual effect applet that can enhance your web page with a wonderful rain falling visual effect over a background image. It displays two levels of rain falling. The applet can be supplied with your favorite image as background image...

Webmatic LakeMenu is a java applet that can enable you to create menus with a lake effect. The menus can be either horizontal or vertical. You can configure the height of the lake, wave speed of the lake, lake noise, color of the lake, moving of...

Webmatic Lake is a visual effect applet that can accomplish a lake effect to any of your custom images. You can configure the height of the lake, wave speed of the lake, lake noise, color of the lake, moving of the lake. Other customizable...

Webmatic applet effect contains a package of applets that can be used in your web pages to enhance the visual effects. The package contains applets configurable like image, scrolling text, over image, over text hyperlink etc. of these applets are...

Displays an image with a wave effect.

Presents a stereoscopic pair that may be rotated in space. Source code available.

This applet helps you to enhance your web site by implementing an animation, which gives you a feel of star blast passing across you. You can insert your favorite image as background image and multiple foreground images into this applet. You can...

This visual effect java applet implements a flowing effect of starfields. You can supply a customizable scrolling text. The scrolling text can be supplied with a hyperlink. The linked text shows a color change in mouseover. You can also supply a...

This applet creates a starfield simulation like the screen saver. Source code available.

This software is helpful for webmasters or for designers for their web designing. By using this program users can create snowfall effect on image. Users can scroll their own typed text between images and also they can provide URL link over text....

This applet draws rectangles randomly in different colors and sizes, and they grow and shrink. Source code available.

Displays an animated rainbow effect with parameters set in the HTML code. Source code available.

This applet alows interaction with two rotating cubes, that can be rotated by the user. Source code available.

This amazing java applet can create music video like popups for use in your web pages. By creating hotspots, popup menu location and text, the applet provides a wonderful popup image with sound effects. The popups can be viewed by moving the mouse...

This applet draws trees using calculations. Source code available.

This applet flashes two images, and looks like a neon sign. Source code available.

This applet can be used in your web pages to load a number of animated menu items to enhance your website. This applet loads much faster than animated GIFs. The applet starts the animation on mouseover. The number of times the starting sequence...

Lets the visitor navigate through a fractal image. Source code available.