New Code
JDBC Importer Script 0.74
Mobicents 1.2.0 BETA3
The Java Guru 3.0
jRuby for Complete applications 1.3.1
Multiprotocol Instant Messenger Annotations Library 1.0
Java Modeling Language 5.6 RC2
Parallel Port Viewer 1.1
JBoss Wiki 1.0
MyoPyx 1.1.0
JBoss Microcontainer 1.0.2
JBoss DNA 0.1
PropertySet 1.3
Vaadin 6.5.1
JBoss Transactions 4.2.3
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Java SPSS Writer
Secure FTP Factory 2.0
Barcode for Java from BusinessRefinery 2.1
RTextPrinter Beta 1.0
Direct Web Remoting for Complete applications 1.1
IP*Works! SSL Java Edition 5.0
Secure iNet Factory 2.0
RBarcode 1.I
yui4java for Complete applications 1.1
Multiprotocol Instant Messenger Annotations Library 1.0
jUnique for Complete applications 1.0.1
SiteMesh 2.4.1
JBoss Application Server 5.0.0 CR1
CloverETL for Complete applications 2.7.2
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Data is imported in the JDBC database through a simple interface and a XML config file.

Third Party Libraries:

Apache Commons Logging
Apache Commons File Upload


Unzip the file
Add jdbcimporter.jar and commons-logging.jar to the CLASSPATH. ( For example: set CLASSPATH=%CLASSPATH%;INSTALL_DIRlibjdbcimporter.jar;INSTALL_DIRlibcommons-logging.jar )

Mobicents is a highly scalable event-driven application server with a robust component model and fault tolerant execution environment.

Mobicents is the first and only Open Source Platform certified for JSLEE compliance. It complements...

Find what you need quickly and efficiently. Much faster than browsing the HTML documentation.

yGuard is a free Ant task that can be integrated into the deployment process through XML syntax.

Here are some key features of "yGuard":

dlTE Provides highly configurable name obfuscation that will protect your...

Ruby is closely integrated with Java to allow embedding of the interpreter into any Java application with dual access between the Java environment and the Ruby scripts.

jRuby it's platform independent and has built-in support for Rails,...

It provides a simple annotation-driven API for developing messaging business functionality and messenger bots over the AIM, Yahoo, GTalk/Jabber and IRC protocols.

Here are some key features of "Multiprotocol Instant Messenger...

The Java Modeling Language (JML) is a behavioral interface specification language that can be used to specify the behavior of Java modules. It combines the design by contract approach of Eiffel and the model-based specification approach of the...

Parallel Port Viewer show how parallel port works on hardware level.

It is possible to use parallel port for many interesting applications (i.e. connect LCD Display or leds to it)

- Type in console in the directory...

We're creating a wiki for the JBoss Labs infrastructure. Rather than keeping this to ourselves, we're separating out our wiki efforts into a self contained Wiki portlet based on JSPWiki. We'll be adding and removing a bunch of functionality in...

These are Java and Ruby parsers, generators, and converters for PYX documents

PYX are documents with a format based on XML, but way much simpler.

PYX is ideal for grepping and parsing, and for very basic markup.

The JBoss Microcontainer is a refactoring of JBoss's JMX Microkernel to support direct POJO deployment and standalone use outside the JBoss application server.

- All the features of the JMX Microkernel
- Direct POJO...

JBoss DNA is a repository and set of tools that make it easy to capture, version, analyze, and understand the fundamental building blocks of information.

As models, service and process definitions, schemas, source code, and other...

It is backed by EJB, Ofbiz, JDBC, Castor JDO, XML or any other persistence-agnostic mechanisms that can handle a typed key-value pair implementation.

Usage examples for this module can be a user preference feature, a game profile page,...

This is a Java-based GUI framework for building modern web applications

Vaadin's main advantage over other GUI toolkits it's its great element design and graphics.

Vaadin supports Java Servlet API 2.3 and later versions and...

JBossTS is a pure Java multi-modal transaction service that supports distributed transactions in CORBA, J2EE and Web services environments.

The JBoss Transaction Service (JBossTS) protects businesses from data corruption by guaranteeing...

This project consists of a specification of how a client should communicate with the server to fetch it's updates. The server is scaled to support hosting of mulitple applications at the same time.

This tools allow to write website...

This tool makes it possible to manage dual syntax for XML languages

Written in Java, will allow the usage of a XML-strict and non XML syntax in XML documents.

The XSugar tool will translate from alternative syntax to XML and...

It builds locks and freezes communication channels shared between all the JVM instances launched by a single user.

JUnique is based on a user related cross-JVM exclusive lock concept.

Two different users accessing the system...

App Log is a free facility to log for online applications. The design is simply controlled over the web URL. It is hosted by Google App Engine written in Java.

The application takes advantage of the fact that in an identity managed environment, there are several copies of a user across multiple LDAP sources.