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This program allows users to generate their web page with fine looking buttons and which has different models of button they are, blue blur- which shows icons in horizontal direction, toggle menu- it uses toggle mode and supports frame, sound bar- it uses sound when the cursor moves over the buttons, fat bar- it uses horizontal bar with fat like buttons and many types are available.

This is the untouchable button link that's defiant to being hovered or clicked on. Requires IE 4+ or NS 6+.

It is an useful script for web developers to generate their web page buttons with stretch menu effect i.e- it stretches the size of the text inside the button when the mouse cursor moves over them and it becomes normal when the cursor moves out of...

This script animates any message into view in the status bar when the user moves the mouse over the specified link.

As the name suggests SearchBliss Dynamic Buttons Generator is a tool that can create code in JavaScript for buttons which supports mouse over, mouse off and mouse down effects. The script is free for download and the user can generate the codes...

With Search Engine Add-On JavaScript you can add a link ?Click here to open up the search engine window? in your webpage, clicking on which the user will be displayed with a list of search engines in a new window that can be used to search sites....

This script is basically for generating a link button on the web page. When the site visitors click the back button it links them to previous page or previous link. Users can receive code for this program from this site and also they can type...

A script that applies a background image to any form button as the mouse moves over it.

A script that makes any form button change background color as the mouse moves over it.

Rock-Me is a powerful menu constructor providing custom solutions for all website designers to include vertical menu buttons with special effects for their web page navigations. This program is bundled with eight various button styles and several...

Specify arbitrary or entire groups of links on the page open in a new window with this flexible script. An optional checkbox lets the visitor easily toggle between "open in new window" or "current window" instead. This script...

News Bar is a JavaScript, which can be used in your web pages to display a set of messages one after the other. This script rotates the messages automatically and allows manual intervention and change the rotation backward or forward. You can...

Make This Page Your Homepage Script is a JavaScript which can enable you to prompt your visitors to make your page as their home page. The script pops up a dialog box when your page is selected to be viewed prompting the user to make your page as...

Links List is a JavaScript that can be incorporated in our webpage to enable users to move to any link or to the next page very easily and quickly. The script provides a list of all links of the current on a new page. The link?s font style, font...

Links Hover Color is a freeware JavaScript, which can be used in designing your web page with multiple links on a page. You can define multiple different link classes and make the link respond to them differently. The script is compatible with...

This program is based on javascript which is helpful for web page developer who wants to create their web page button effect. This program helps them to generate sparkle on their web page button when the mouse cursor moves over the button. It has...

Link Tooltip can be highly useful to add tooltip information that pops up along side the link on mouseover giving details regarding the link. You can provide any text information in the text box. Allows you to customize the background color, font,...

This is a simple script that displays a different link each month (out of 12 months).

Link Floatie script lets you display a description of a link or additional content onMouseover. The floatie gradually fades into view in the lower right corner of the browser. It's a tooltip, but not.

Bestow meaning to your text links with this script. As the mouse hovers over a link, a corresponding text description appears beneath it. You can define more than one location for which this description is shown, allowing for links all over your...