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Dragable elements Script for Graphics and Animations 1.1
Fade-away cursor trail script for Graphics and Animations 1.1
Wave text for Graphics and Animations 1.1
Dancing Gifs for Graphics and Animations 1.1
Elastic Trail Script for Graphics and Animations 1.1
ShadedBorder for Graphics and Animations 0.6.1
Animation.Cube for Graphics and Animations 0.04
Open Standard Media (OSM) Player 0.95
javascriptObject for Graphics and Animations 0.8.1
Wipe Element Color for Graphics and Animations 1.1
Cursor Trails for Graphics and Animations 1.0
Color Picker for Graphics and Animations 23.05.2009
Dissolving text effect for Graphics and Animations 1.1
Pulsating text for Graphics and Animations 1.1
Rain effect without images for Graphics and Animations 1.1
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Watching Eyes script for Graphics and Animations 1.1
Open Standard Media (OSM) Player 0.95
jQuery webcam plugin 1.0
Flying Message Script for Graphics and Animations 1.1
Video Audio Joiner Splitter V.24
Flaming Cursor for Graphics and Animations 1.0
Bokeh Effect 1.0
Fireworks.js for Graphics and Animations 0.9
Right-To-Left Flying Image Script for Graphics and Animations 1.1
Floating images II (up down) for Graphics and Animations 1.1
Quote Scroller for Graphics and Animations 1.1
Sliding Boxes and Captions 1.0
MediaElement.js 2.0.6
OIPlayer jQuery Plugin 1.0.3
javascriptObject for Graphics and Animations 0.8.1
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This is a versatile script that enables any DIVs, image(s) or text on a page to be dragable. It simply gives these elements a class of "drag".

This script creates a mouse trail that is constructed using five images of descending sizes, each following closely the other.

This script shows a text having a wave animation effect.

Allow your images to dance freely across the screen with this free javascript. Still and animated gifs alike can now enjoy freedom from the tyranny of design and static placement.

This script shows you a mouse trail image that follows the mouse in a bouncy manner.It is easy to setup, and works cross browser.

ShadedBorder is a javascript that allows you to create round corners with drop shadow effect.

- javascript-only Photoshop(tm)-like rendering without external images
- Round corners
- Drop shadows
- Glow...

Animation.Cube class is a javascript library for a rotating cube animation effect. This effect will consume a high CPU speed.

The class is compatible with all modern web browsers.

With the onset of HTML5, there is a dramatic paradigm shift in the wake for online media content delivery. For well over 6 years, this industry has been dominated by the proprietary Adobe Flash Player, which has been used to deliver high quality...

The user will be able to interact with the 3D object by drag&drop.

It does not requiere any applets, plugins or similar.

javascriptObject works with every browser that can handle images and supports javascript.

This script was designed to enhance the MouseOver/MouseOut appearance of elements.

The background color is 'wiped' with a new color from the left on MouseOver and the color removed from the right on MouseOut. The color may be plain or a...

Cursor Trails is a Dynamic HTML script that adds a number of duplicate cursor images to the document that follow the mouse position. When you move your mouse around you will see the cursor trails.

This script requires the Dynamic HTML...

It has a user interface similar to Adobe's Photoshop color picker.

Here are some key features of "Color Picker":

dlTE Flat mode - as element in page
dlTE Powerful controls for color selection
dlTE Easy to...

This is a DHTML script that rotates and displays any number of messages, with a unique dissolving effect applied during each rotation.

The effect is archived by first positioning a semi transparent, "spotty" image behind the...

This script makes use of IE's multimedia filters, coupled with scripting, to render an "aura" around any given text. The effect can easily be applied to multiple text, each with differing pulsating colors and speed.

This script generates an efficient and elegant rain/snow effects.

The effect is created without the aid of images. You can toggle between rain and snow effect with the change of one variable.

This script allows you to change the background color of a TABLE cell where the cell contains an image.

Any number strings of a unique portion of an Image SRC are passed to a function which changes
the background color of all...

By using some sophisticated math calculations and DHTML programming, this script presents you a sine scrolling text animation.

DOM Image Rollover II script makes it easy to add rollover/ mousedown effects to any image on the page, including image submit buttons.

It automatically preloads images as well. Script works in all DOM capable browsers- IE5 , NS6 ,...

This script adds flare and draws attention to important text on your page by making it glow.

It utilizes the glow filter of DHTML to first surround any text with a yellow "light", then uses scripting to make the light...

Flying ghosts script presents your visitors animated ghosts that move arround on the screen.

You can spook up your webpage with this animation script. A bunch of ghosts swirl around while fading in and out at the same time! The effect...