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Layer Menu Uses External HTML Page is a javascript module which works as it name defines. Menus can be added with a framed layer and the menu items will bring destination pages with the same location where it has been clicked. Appropriate external HTML pages can be viewed individually with a same window. Supports multiple item links with layer menu where with parameters such as item color, layout and many more can be customized.

JSMenu provides a powerful method of organizing and supplying navigational information on your website. While there are numorous configuration options you can fine-tune, setup is relatively painless. / You can fully customize fonts, colors,...

This is a visually appealing JavaScript navigation menu that follows the page to keep itself in view on the screen even when the user scrolls the page up and down to view the contents. The script is compatible with Internet Explorer 4 or above,...

JsDOMenu is a context menu that pops up when the user "left" or "right" clicks on any blank space in the page. It supports unlimited submenus, and is functional in DOM browsers (tested on Internet Explorer 6, Netscape 7, and...

JSCookMenu is a nifty JavaScript code snippet with which you can display navigation menus in your webpage. The script supports both horizontal and vertical menus. The script also supports relative positioning of the menus in your web page. It...

This script creates an absolutely positioned, cross browser navigational bar for your site. Efficient and small in file size, it can be set as either a horizontal or vertical menu, supporting multiple levels.

JavaScript Menu DOOM is a suitable module for web based systems through which multiple menus can be generated and using CSS style sheet you can modify look and feel of menu display. Effects such as shadow, transparency, etc can be included to...

This javascript program allows webmasters to build their site with an easy to navigate drop down menu bar which will be helpful for their site visitors on their website. This program offers more than thirty parameters and also it allows the...

CodeThatXPBar is a JavaScript menu navigation system, which can be implemented in your web page without any knowledge of JavaScript or HTML programming knowledge. This script is an advanced crossbrowser script, which implements the navigation...

This program allows webmasters to create navigation menus in horizontal position. Webmasters can have the facilities to add new links or delete the added links. They can build any number of menus with any number of links. They can also utilize...

Checkbox Tree in JavaScript is a cross browser, client side running navigation menu that displays check boxes and radio buttons inside the menu. The script can be used for selecting options and displaying them, link items to different pages,...

Hover-up menu bar lets you build horizontal multiple menus via javascript functions. This type of / menu will display a hover-up effect when mouse cursor is placed over menu items. You can set various colors to be displayed with hover-up effect....

This javascript can be used by the webmasters for their site navigation purpose. They can create a navigation menu by using this program. Webmasters can build menus with any number of links and titles using its flexibility. They can manage the...

HierMenus will be a solution for all javscript enabled websites to implement a web based navigation system for easier surfing. Both drop down and pop-up styles can be inlcuded with menu display. It is more compatible with all DHTML browsers. All...

With GDevResources Floating HoverMenu you can generate links that popup opens the menu items when the user moves the mouse over the links for a specified duration. The time for displaying the popup window can be configured in the script. You can...

A slide-out menu that uses an external HTML page as its content, making updating it a breeze. It automatically slides open from the left edge of the screen as the mouse moves over it.

This cross-browser menu stays static on the left hand corner of the browser via a gentle "floating" action when the page is scrolled. The result is an non-abrupt, smooth transition to reappearing into view for the menu.

EZMenu is used as a navigation tool through which menus on site pages can be created unlimitedly with different animation effects such as slide, inset, dissolve, wave, shadow, etc., Items can be located in menus in left, right, center. 3D, 2D...

Elevator Menu Scroll Dhtml Script is a JavaScript code snippet displays a link that moves up and down to enable navigation even when the user scrolls the page. The script is compatible with Internet Explorer and Netscape browsers and it function...

Instant Interactive Menu Links Script is a JavaScript to display a menu in your webpage in which, an over and under line is displayed on menu item links on mouseover. The script is compatible with Internet Explorer 4 - 6 and Netscape 4 - 6. The...