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PG e-Training Solution for creating your online learning community. Software provides site owners a convenient opportunity to place Internet courses and tests for remote education in different subjects. You will have ability to manage as many courses as you want and give students access to free courses to demonstrate your system.
Software features catalogues of courses, design tests, award certificates, payment systems, rss news; survey,...

Whether you are interested in launching an events portal or promoting an organization event online a wrongly chosen event registration system may lead to insufficient presentation, lack of registrations, absence of interrelationship between...

Complete all-in-one web code editor for all your web programming needs. Clean and convenient interface, quick startup, true flexibility and powerful features allow you to create and edit HTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, VBScript, PHP, ASP, ASP.Net,...

This new version contains sitemap.xml and has a nice view than the erlier version. the setup is the same as the older one

Social networkimg, dating, link manager with link import, real estate scripts with developers license, fast track your project now. datecomm dating and community portal is a social newtork script. We also do custom projects to your description....

An object oriented framework based on a front controller. It is designed to be very fast and efficient and very nice for the programmer to work with. It is easily extendable and you only include the functionality you use. It features GuiControls;...

A comprehensive web application framework for PHP 5. It provides solutions for common system components such as user management, session handling, user authentication, exception handling and logging, templates, and form building and handling. It...

Protect your source code in four ways: encrypt it, obfuscate it, time limit, and IP limit. Protected scripts do not require any changes to the default server or PHP installation and will run on any hosting account.

A script for testing regular expression pattern matching. Enter test data and a regular expression and the matching text is hilighted in red. Case sensitivity is optional. Supports HTML tags.

A thin platform to build modular applications. It breaks your application into smaller modules and commands. Separates code and layout. PHX supports nested layouts and SES URLs.

Protect your PHP programs through registration keys. Lock your application to a specific domain name, database name, or expiration date. Create trial registration codes so people can check out your PHP application for a limited time and then...

Allows you to track the progress of multiple projects, allowing programmers to submit updates on the status and see if a particular project is ready to be billed.

This script catches errors in your PHP script and displays an error overview, a section of source code from around the area where the error occurred and a collapsible tree view of all initialized variables.

A tool for encrypting files with source code.

Online PHP source code encryptor. Integrated licensing system helps programmers distribute code. Set time limit or lock to IP and Domain name. No loaders required.

A one file installer program for PHP developers. Just place it in the directory you want to install to and you're done.

A professional tool for obfuscating systems of PHP code by scrambling identifiers consistently, and stripping comments and unnecessary whitespace.

Neatly reformats PHP source text with user-specified block indentation, rebreaking source lines as needed.

Manage all your useful PHP scripts locally in a categorized manner. Supports custom themes and comes with five already designed.

A collection of server behaviours and commands designed to boost programmer productivity for task automation and form generation. Concentrate the application logic in one location, with insert/edit/delete operations allowed. The package also...