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An advanced, object-oriented application engine. Initially intended to be a time and expense tracking tool, the engine has since been improved upon to support a wide array of data types and relationships. It offers the ability to run multiple, concurrent web applications off of a single Nennius engine. Each application is fully customizable and can easily be modified to fit almost any existing business model.

This product offers a working implementation of SSI, allowing you to reuse code and use Server Behaviors inside required files. Designed for Dreamweaver MX users.

This helps development of admin tools for websites with various functions to edit, update, insert, verify and manipulate various data. It comes with its own multi-project admin tool, handles user verification, cache engine, and more.

A collection of classes for sorting, filtering, searching, listing, paging, adding, editing, deleting and more.

A fully Object-Oriented PHP framework for building stateful web applications. It is totally event driven. Every object can trigger actions on a specified event, so you can build a web application in the same way you normally would.

A script to help you debug your PHP web pages. It enables you to trace everything that happens in your PHP script at execution time together with endless loop control and more. It can be a running trace, or an interactive trace leaving you time to...

Designed for web applications programmers that develop complex enterprise level applications, web services or multi-language dynamic websites. It is a development platform that seperates the application logic from the presentation layer, using...

Calculates the line of code from your programs. Optionally include or exclude file extensions from the count. Can calculate any number of directories.

An intelligent PHP editor that allows you to write PHP code by clicking and pointing.

Improve productivity for building database driven websites. Designed for Dreamweaver MX PHP developers who need to implement dynamic websites. This product relies on tNG, allowing software triggers generation and editing using intuitive GUIs.

Ide.php is a web based editor for quick development of server side code. It offers a rapid prototyping environment to test and save snippets of code with minimal overhead. Use it to develop PHP, ASP, JSP, SSI, HTML - even CGI!

Text editor with highlighting for more than 50 file formats. It features a built-in spell checker, HEX editor, UNICODE, code templates, auto correction, print preview, text exporting with highlighting to RTF, HTML and LaTeX, bookmarks, support for...

Online RCP (rich content pages) generator that is useful when optimizing a site for Google ranking.

This program generates PHP database web sites, including catalogs, data management pages, security, email pages, master-detail pages and more. Works with mySQL and other databases.

A complete framework solution for PHP developers. It's based on object modeling in PHP5 and includes a set of native objects like string/integer/vector, a complete exception handler system, connection to remote sockets and creation of INET and...

A PHP/HTML page encryptor. Encrypt full PHP pages for safe distribution. Create an unlock key for password protection and specify an expiry date for your scripts. It can encrypt PHP generated HTML to protect source code and form data. This script...

This script will encrypt your HTML-code everytime the page is loaded.

This program will create an installation process for your PHP script. There are currently 5 types of installation steps: Server Check, Permissions Check, Configuration File Generator, SQL Importer, and General Text Display.

An application framework written in and for PHP 4 with 140 well-documented classes intended for the advanced programmer.

This program tries to reformat and beautify given PHP source code files automatically. Automatic brace setting according to C or Perl, indentation, code highlighting, limitation of characters per line and more.