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IsVipi Open Source Social Networking Script 1.0.0
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Warpagez is a PHP script that is used for publishing news and provide your site with the tools to interact with the people all over the world. Calendar block is used to display the upcoming and past events, news, etc., It is used for clan organization in which forums, sub forums, member list, voting, statistics about users, and news with comments can be given. Contact page is given with recruitment details. It requires PHP and MySQL for...

Virtual War is multi-platform compatible. This is a PHP/MySQL script that generates an interactive record of clan (or club) matches and scrims. It features an integrated suite of user information screens and a separate but connected administration...

Subprofile is a mySQL database equipped to send text files in a great speed. It also allows unlimited subscribers. Features such as Mailing list, Browser based setup and configuration, Admin panel, screenshots etc., are available. With this script...

SmartBeep PageIT Plus is a simple php script with which the user is allowed to receive the email messages in their smart beep pagers without using the web form of each time. Further, the script also allows to get a maximum of 160...

ScriptsMill Comments is a script that allows your users to add comments to certain pages of your Web site. It is very easy to install and allows the formating and appearance of comments to be customized with a base knowledge of HTML.

This pretty simple module allows your visitors tell theirs friends about your site!

Profiler for AOL Instant Messenger is a Unix compatible script that allows you to add more content to your profile, beyond AOL's limit of 1024 characters and see who has been viewing your profile, as well as how many times it has been viewed.

This script provides programmers with an interface to the AOL Instant Messaging network. The uses of this script are practically endless. It could be used for advertising, bot making, games, jokes, creating your own client, just let your...

PHPASPSMS - a php script that allows users to create web based gateways with the assistance of SMS service. To use this SMS class, you have to sign up at to get your personalized user name and password. With this script you...

PHP Newbie - a php script is designed for the purpose to enquire a RogerWilco server and displays the output in a fresh page. This script,by creating a "join.rwc" file, will take the arguments to the RW client. PHP Newbie also offers...

Morse Coder is a simple php script that can be used easily by anyone. It doesn't require any technical knowledge about morse code. The user can convert a text into morse code and also if you enter the morse code, the script will return the...

OpenCI ( CMS ) is multi-platform compatible. With the help of this you can handle all your clan tasks like wars, news and so on. It comes with an war planer, calendar, news-, template-, rank-, medal-, ribbon- system and much more! OpenCI comes...

Okphp BBS is a simple PHP based bulletin board system with MySQL backend. This communicating software provides users with online forums to hold discussion on technical issues. This communication tool supports threaded form of discussions through...

The NotePager Net script is an easy to use network wide text paging software that allows all the network users to share a common modem and phone line and list of users to send messages to pagers and digital phones. The database of mobilepones and...

This is a tool to send SMS messages with the MTNSMS Gateway. Allows to send SMS to various mobiles of different countries. It makes use of the JM_SMS-class by James McGlinn ( ).

This script allows people to search for people by age, location, on the popular social networking tool MySpace and then add all of them!

Allow your visitors to email you without requiring them to leave your website! / 1. An install script is included which eliminates the need to edit PHP. / Your email addresses and message limits are entered using the install script. Simply fill...

Invisionix Roaming System IM is a mobile instant messaging program that interacts with ICQ, MSN, AIM and yahoo IM's. This program has several features like, utilizing any web enabled computer or device, fully customizable, unlimited redundancy,...

This iChatStatusPublisher is a PHP built program designed specially for iChat AV. This program can display and indicate your presence to your site visitors and customers. Your current online iChat status will be displayed as either online or...

Host-press is a PHP script, that allow you to offer a free Wordpress 1.5 Blog to your visitors. build an online bloggers community, offering your visitors to create and host a free blog, based on Wordpress. Further, you will be able to offer Free...