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Password Sharing System 1.0
PrestaShop Upload Images Module 1.2.1
PrestaShop Contact Form Module 1.1.3
SMS Newsletter 1.0.0
Ozeki Subscribe to SMS content 1.0
Help Center Live for Joomla 1.0
PHPBB3 Ultimos Mensajes 1.7
TeamSpeak for Joomla 1.3.3
PIMB 1.1
AvantFAX for Scripts 2.2.5
Free Joomla IM of 123 Web Messenger 1.0
Glim SMSme 1
IMP Webmail Client 4.2
phpSyncML for Scripts 0.1.2
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Video Conference Website Scripts 2.86
PrestaShop Upload Images Module 1.2.1
Reactor Server
VideoWhisper 2 Way Video Chat 1.55
ionCube PHP Encoder
PHP - MSN Bot for Scripts 0.1a
WoodyChat 1.1
PHP EasyWindows Installer
The Referral Database for Scripts 1.22
Lotus Instant Messaging
InstantMessenger 2.01
JMS Online Support Module 1.0
AvantFAX 2.2.5
PHP Jabber Lib 1.1
PHP Jabber Lib for Scripts 1.0
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Enables a team to organize and track issues, defects and tasks using a web-based interface with integrated calendar, discussion, and document management capabilities.

An easy to install Apache2 distribution for Windows containing MySQL, PHP, Perl, phpMyAdmin, PHP-Nuke and Jinzora. You can begin operating a web portal with a streaming music interface in a matter of minutes.

Apache, PHP, Perl and MySQL compiled in a single package that has a setup program so you don't have to configure any httpd.conf files. Can run five sites and comes with a fully configured control panel.

This program aims to install a complete working PHP/MySQL server environment on your Windows machine.

A set of object-oriented classes to develop object-oriented, event-driven web applications. This tool is designed to aid development through the use of a simple event-driven model, reuse of code through web controls, and separation of presentation...

This program will automatically install PHP on your Windows machine running IIS/PWS. It can also install the GD, Sybase, Oracle and Informix extensions.

This tool automatically installs, configures and integrates over 100 Open Source projects, including PHP, phpMyAdmin and phpBB.

A server pack including Apache, PHP, MySQL and hMailServer. It is a platform for developing PHP scripts on Windows NT/2000/XP. It is very easy to control/configure each one of them.

This system dynamically integrates menu items into Lotus Sametime Connect. It incorporates into target programs and dynamically creates additional menus with custom functionality implemented in separate DLL files. This enables you to send bulk...

This tool encodes compiled PHP code for maximum performance and protection of intellectual property. Scripts can be IP and time limit protected, annotated with protected custom text information and more.

Gubed is a program to help you debug your php code. It's a visual debugger and supports stepping through code, breakpoints, variable viewing/changing and more.

Written in Perl, this program extracts javadoc like information for PHP programs and provides nice looking documentation files from your PHP source in HTML, man, and lyx.

Full featured, open-source PHP editor with syntax highlighting and full integration with the PHP interpreter.

This wizard creates backend scripts that work with MySQL tables. You can upload your MySQL tables to test their functionality and then download them when they are configured properly. Includes pay-per-download or unlimited access membership...

This program will convert ASP code into PHP. Does not work 100%, but translates most code.

A PHP code editor with a fast syntax highlighting engine and context help for all PHP-keywords. Includes many features.

This program attempts to compile Apache + PHP for you, which can often be a very challenging task.