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Display Visitor's Local Time Using PHP and BIN Database 1.0
Digital clockScript 1.0
Max's Countdown system 1.1
PHP Countdown 1.2.1
Zeitansage 0.2.0
Truworth TimeSheet Software 2.1
Truworth Card Scheduler 2.1
Time tracking 1.1
Time Sheets Pro
Website Last updated Trick 1.0
Unix Time Stamp Calculator 1.0
TimeZones 1.0
Time Zone 1.0
Time & Date 1.0
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TimeZones 1.0
DateCalculator 1.0
Bs StopWatch 4.II
Time Zone 1.0
Blueshoes Stopwatch 4.2
phpDateTime 0.5.1
Analogic clock 1.0
Time & Date 1.0
PHP Countdown 1.2.1
Truworth TimeSheet Software 2.1
Unix Time Stamp Calculator 1.0
Truworth Card Scheduler 2.1
Time tracking 1.1
LastUpdatedTrick Function
Time Sheets Pro
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This sample code can be used to display visitor's local time based on their IP address using PHP programming languages and IP2Location BIN database. This tutorial uses the IP2Location module, available at, to query IP information from BIN database. Free BIN databases are available for download at IP2Location LITE database.

Digital clock script displays a digital clock on your web page

Max's Countdown system is a simple PHP based script with very easy installation.

You only need to define your target date and that's all. The output is refreshed automaticaly using internal javascript. The script uses CSS so changing...

PHPBEAT is a small PHP class that lets developers add a beat time with date to their homepage. Swatch Internet Time, .beat, is a new time zone independent time format. There are 1000 beats for every 24 hours.

PHP Countdown script allows you to display the time remaining until a specified event.

A widget to display the current time as verbal expression
"Zeitansage" is a simple text widget which displays the current time as a verbal expression, rounded to 5-minute precision. Supports English and German.

Truworth timesheet software is feature rich web product helps you to keep record of employee's and project. Its feature includes easy user management with add/edit facility and project wise reporting. It is a flex based time sheet program helps...

There are lots of occasions (events) celebrated every year and there is a trend to send the wishes through cards to our relatives and the other known. To send an E-card we have to search the infinite internet resources. This is very time consuming...

TimeTracking is a web based (PHP+MYSQL) time tracking application. It allows you and your team to enter time spend on different task while working.

Here are some of the highlights:

* web based solution, perfect for remote...

Easy to use time tracking software. Time Sheets Pro software is AJAX / PHP / MySQL based web application that allows you to track working hours of employees, project costs and employee performance. Take advantage of detailed reports, define rates...

Website Last updated Trick is multi-platform compatible. Do you want to make your website appear newly updated, even when the last update dates weeks back? Instead of showing today's date (which will make visitors suspicous) you can date your last...

A time stamp calculator for coding dynamic applications with dated information.

TimeZones is a date and time displaying program and is a simple script based on php. This program helps users to add time zones to their websites. Feature include language file which is used to translate into other languages. Each user is password...

Time Zone is multi-platform compatible. This package allows to add time zones to your site. User name and password protected admin area to add time zones, offset, display position, and date/time display. Language file in English included, easy to...

Outputs a GIF image with the current time and date. Select format with keywords.

Servertime PHP Class is a date and time displaying program and is a simple script based on php. This program allows users to view server time. InstallClockHead which is to be placed into head section of the page, InstallClock, InstallClockBody and...

This is a php based online date and time program which helps webmasters to build their site with date and time scheduler for viewing accurate date and time. It returns date time in different formats like, standard format, din format etc., This...

Netbeat Time is a time displaying script based on php. It allow users to put netbeat clock on their website. It is simple and easy to use script. This script supports both text based and graphic display. It can be integrated into any active...

This is a simple script to display the local date/time on a web page where it is different from the server's date/time. Useful for virtual web hosting, all you need to do is specify the difference between local and server time in hours.

This script is useful if you use a virtual hosting service for your web pages. In our case, the server we use (at Pair Networks) is in Pittsburgh, USA, while our business is located in Melbourne, Australia.