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Writing Your First PHP Script: Feedback Form
What are sessions?
Website Database Basics With PHP and MySQL
Web Enable Your Informix Database Using PHP
Web Database Tutorial (PHP & MySQL)
Using the PHP 5 SOAP extension
Using Strings
Using PHP with Forms
Using PHP to Generate and Send Mail
Using PHP Error Handling
Using PHP and IIS to Create a Discussion Forum
Using NeXTensio MX to create a CMS
Using curl with PHP
User Authentication Using PHP
Uploading an image from a web-form
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A Simple Order Form
Create BBcode for your scripts
Storing Checkbox Data In Your Database
Build a Rating System
Creating a Mail Form with PHP and Flash
Using curl with PHP
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Caching in PHP
Configuring PHP for Oracle
Oracle and PHP
Developer Shed - Image Generation with PHP
Upload and Resize an Image
Junaid Art Link Management System
Using the PHP 5 SOAP extension
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An easy guide to getting started with PHP. It allows you to create a working feedback form, and explains the entire process, giving you a basic knowledge of PHP coding.

This tutorial will teach you what sessions are, why they're used and how you can implement them using PHP programming.

This tutorial goes over the basics (HTML, PHP and MySQL interaction) by explaining how to verify form data, use cookies to identify and track visitors, and using external files via include(). Written by Thomas Kehoe and placed on Developer Shed...

This is a presentation given to the Informix Users conference in October 2000 on using PHP with Informix. Included is the entire source of a PHP program used to update a video-tape database and other related examples and demos.

This tutorial focuses on creating a web database application using PHP and MySQL on a Linux platform. It explains how to get started, create the database, insert data, view data and finally manage it.

Many Web developers enjoy the versatility and ease of use of PHP, but sometimes they need to access existing business logic in a J2EE application server. In this article and through code examples, learn how to use the new SOAP extension in PHP 5...

"This tutorial starts with the simple constructs used to create strings and moves through to more advanced techniques for string handling."

Uses two files, the form and the form processing, which includes required field validation and email generation. Step by step explanations are offered for the PHP file, as the message is built up from several of the form's input fields.

This five-part tutorial first teaches you the mail fuctions that accompany PHP and follows with information on adding extra headers, when to use the mail function, how to talk to sendmail and how to have form results e-mailed to you.

This article explains how to use Apache ErrorDocument redirects and PHP to create custom 404 Not Found responses and more. It also explains how to throw an error from within a PHP script.

Learn how to use PHP on windows and IIS to create a basic discussion forum that makes use of a powerful database.

This tutorial intends to be a simple presentation of how easy you can build dynamic websites and an administration tool for such a site. This concentrates on techniques to create dynamic pages with Dreamweaver MX and PHAkt 2 and the easiest way to...

Learn to use curl with PHP to query remote webservers for data. This can be done to automate form submission, process credit cards and more. Topics covered include SSL, cookie handling and more.

This tutorial describes three methods to authenticate a user. First is by hardcoding the user info in the script. Second, check the user information in the database. Third, add image verification in the login form where the user must enter the...

This tutorial will teach you how to upload JPG images to the server using a web-form.

This document explains how you can allow visitors to upload images for use on your web site and then re-size them automatically with PHP. Includes example source code.

This example shows you how to get the UK National Lottery stats, input it in a MySQL database and display the results.

This article presents an entire class that can be used to time your script's execution. It explains the microtime() function and how to use it in your programs.

This article explains how you can use PHPLIB and PHP3 to create web-based template files to help keep your PHP code and HTML separate.

An article explaining a method faciliating team development of PHP projects.