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Newsletter Subscription Script 4.0
2daybiz E-Mail Portal Script 1.0.4
BroadFasf 1.4
5in1 Contact Importer 1.0
Uresk Email Tracker Unix
SpamCease 1.VI
Simple mail script 1.II
PHPXmail 0.66
PHPformail 1.0
PHP Contact Us Form 1.0
Personal Email Filter 0.08
NewsletterManager 0.2
Neo Maniax's Contact Script
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Email Address Protector 1.0
Hennie Reyneke's Contact E-mail 1.0
2daybiz E-Mail Portal Script 1.0.4
5in1 Contact Importer 1.0
PHPformail 1.0
Newsletter Subscription Script 4.0
Create Automated Custom Mailboxes using cPanel
Epleweb's Email Contact Form 1.0
Create Custom Mailboxes using cPanel
AntiSpam Script
NewsletterManager 0.2
Gamma Group Kontaktscript 0.5
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Affordable email marketing software for managing bulk email marketing campaigns and mailing lists. The newsletter subscription script helps you create customized subscription forms, manage multiple groups, and email campaigns.

This PHP newsletter script is highly customizable and you can manage various options through the admin page. You can import subscribers or add subscribers manually. A smart update feature will not allow...

2daybiz developed The email portal script to start self mail websites similar to Gmail and hotmail, CGI/Perl. The email script can run the Linux servers without difficulty. including the fascinating features like RBL blacklisting, multiple skins,...

This script allows the webmaster to manage, add, edit or export/import member's databases which to receive the newsletters. It allows easy creation of the newsletter content, storing the newsletters for further editing, immediate sending or...

Why will this tool increase the number of your website visitors?
- With only a few clicks, your visitors will spread your message at no cost for you.
- Being sent by a friend, your message has a high level of trust.
- The email...

Uresk Email Tracker is an easy to use tool which sets up links through web web interface for the program and paste the link into our mailing software where the email address is merged in to the end of the link. It records the email address and...

SpamCease is a PHP based email system designed to assist you in eliminating mail spams. This program is highly efficient in recognizing and deleting the spams from your mails and also enables you to check and view your mails directly through this...

Sends an email to you, the webmaster from a web page based form. Sends useful information in the actual message such as the senders IP.

PHPXmail is written in PHP and it is used to manage your software applications online for Xmail server. Administration panel is GUI with Xmail and hence it is user friendly. From the admin control panel, admin can manage and monitor any...

PHPformail is a powerful email utility that can be used to create and manage feedback forms. This program is available with an interface similar to CGI's formail script. You can receive feedback, messages etc., from your customers through these...

This PHP Contact Us Form requires no database and works with all internet browsers. It is very easy to install. All emails can be customized easily. Javascript form validation function is done in this form. Header and footer can be modified...

PHP Contact Us Form is both a Unix and Linux compatible script that is a professional highly customize PHP Contact Us Form.

Personal Email Filter runs a mail server on a unix/linux host. To prevent spam, a local white list is maintained for the message from the unknown before the message delivered from the unknown address in to the users mailbox. Before accepting...

You want to contact all your website visitors, customers or clients in a single click !. It is possible through this newsletter manager. In this newsletter manager you can have unlimited number of mail address of your visitors or clients or...

Net_Sieve is a script written in php that has options such as installation,listing,updating and setting active Sieve scripts.Through the PEAR web site,download can be done.Net_Sieve script is tested with Cyrus 2.0.16.This is a well developed...

Neo Maniax's Contact Script is a PHP program allowing webmasters to design contact forms. You can design your mail forms to enable your website visitors and users to send feedback and comments. All essential mail form fields like user name, 'From'...

Mime Decoding class is a php script which decodes the mime torture test made available by UW.Installation can be done through PEAR installer.For web masters,example script is provided to get started.Free download option is available here.To decode...

MH Mail is a powerful email utility with which you can generate online email forms for your website and send messages to any preferred mail address. This program supports all eseential email form fields like 'to and from addresses', 'subject' and...

MambaMessenger is a program built on PHP that helps webmasters to meet out their needs in bulk emailing needs. Users need no email account to use this utility and the mail sent will be totaly anonymous. An online demo is available to check its...

This function is used to create an encoded "mailto" email link that should be capable of hiding email addresses on your web site from spambots, spiders, address harvesters, and email scrapers. The function replaces the @, ., and :...

PHP Email Archiving project is a php script which use SQL database to archive email.This script allows user to reply for displayed mail message.On a dedicated archiving account,this script receives email.Using java or javascript and php3,It...