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Loops in PHP 0.0.1
i-Net Freelance script 3.0
ICArtGallery - Art Gallery Site Script 1.1
UPS XML Address Verification Tool PHP Function Library 1.0
Spamgourmet Mailto-Generator 1
Simple Math Functions 0.2
phpPDF 8
phpMyPhilter 1.0
phpFiglet 1.0
Online Users 1.0
Numeric PHP 0.1.1
JavaScript onKey* Functions 0.1
GrabIte 1.1
GeSHi - Generic Syntax Highlighter 1.0.1
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Browser Types 1
Convert links into clickable hyperlinks 1.0
ActivSpellChek 1.0
Find and replace words in a text string using str_replace 1.0
Count number of words in a text string 1.0
Simple Math Functions 0.2
class.error 0.11
class.manpagelookup.php 1.0.1
JavaScript onKey* Functions 0.1
Loops in PHP 0.0.1
Amnuts MadLibs 1.0.0
Spamgourmet Mailto-Generator 1
phpMyPhilter 1.0
UPS XML Address Verification Tool PHP Function Library 1.0
phpPDF 8
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When using php as your programming language, it is often required that you want your codes to be executed again and again for number of times. This is where PHP loops comes handy. PHP provides 3 different types of loops to handle your requirements.

Powered by the PHP/MySQL combination, this is a freelance auction script designed with all integrated tools useful for rapid deployment of a viable solution for freelance auction script needs. Easy to manage and very simple to deploy, the i-Net...

ICArtGallery is the script for building an artists ECommerce site where sellers can share art collections, sell them and customers can search and buy arts. Sellers can name, price and upload unlimited arts they want to sell for a monthly fee,...

This function traverses an XML file and puts it's content into a PHP array. It works best with small XML files.

If customers make a mistake, UPS Address Validation alerts them with an error message, ensuring that errors are corrected at the point of entry long before orders leave the shipping dock.

Function to create mailto links with Spamgourmet-Addresses, that have the IP and the timestamp of the request encoded.

More functions to make life easier and less redunant, including: number_is( ), is_odd( ), is_even( ), commify( ), and only_digits( ).

Allows the creation of moderately simple PDF documents without having to install any modules. Supports multiple pages, various standard fonts, bitmap images and more.

A plugin aimed at blocking bad words on your scripts.

A class that can be used to display dynamic text as ASCII art.

Include this script in your PHP pages to display the number of people that are viewing them.

A set of functional packages to aid in the manipulation of numeric data in PHP. The calculations include geometrical, mathematical, and statistical functions.

Functions to handle the construction of handlers for the various onkey events provided by JavaScript. It supports redirects similar to those used by Google Mail.

Grab interesting and related content you need for your website from other sites and keeps your visitors from browsing elsewhere. It has a cache file system for periodic refresh, three search and replace filters and more.

A generic syntax highlighter for PHP. Simply specify the code to highlight and the language to highlight it in, and GeSHi returns the source highlighted and XHTML+CSS compliant. It is highly customizable and supports over 10 languages.

This will run through a section of text and change all occurrences of a word into something else using the PHP str_replace function.

This will count through the sentences in a section of text and show how many words are contained within it.

A function to change an email address or URL into a clickable HTML link using eregi_replace.

This class allows you to do man page lookups from your browser. The output is formatted and includes highlighting and italics, as you'd see from the shell prompt.

A very basic error handling class for use in your code.