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Online Poker Script 1.0
phpMyTourney 1.1
Chipmunk Pwngame 1.1
Ether MMORPG 0.1
StorySGML/StoryEdit 1.1
n8chessnet 0.1.1c
phpBG 0.9.1
Ninja Playland 1.1
PHP-RPG: Visions of Darkness 0.0.1
hldStart 1.1
Tactical War 1.1
Open Tournament System 1.16.2
Vermilion 0.3.1
Full Immersion RPG 0.0.2
WebAtlantis 0.9
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E-Gold Batch Game 1.0
Swobodin's Chicken 0.2
phpRaffle Pro 1.0
SportsPHool 1.0
Madam Lenormand Fortune Teller
Dragon Knight 1.1.2
Ether MMORPG 0.1
Jokes Complete Website 2.0.13
Open Tournament System 1.16.2
Ninja Playland 1.1
Chipmunk Pwngame 1.1
Chinese Zodiac 0.0.1
Sportsbook Software by BETTING's 2.0
WebChess 0.8.4
My Gaming Ladder 4.I
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Downloading is not neccesary due to the online nature of the OnlinePokerScript System!

phpMyTourney is a powerful php and MySQL based script package developed to give the opportunity to every webmaster of hosting tournaments easily. Everything is automated from the sign up to the champions page.

Chipmunk Pwngame is a simple game where you sign up and are given a link to "pwn" people.

All they have to do is go to that link and you get 1 point for pwning them. Its like those things where you click on a link and get...

Ether MMORPG is a PHP-based MMORPG that is designed to provide an environment in which players can battle, quest, trade, and enter tournaments for in-game prizes.

StorySGML/StoryEdit are tools to aid masters and players in the creation, documentation and publishing of RPG/LARP stories.

It is bases on a SGML documents and includes tools for processing them into different formats, and a Web UI...

n8chessnet is a customizable/themed online web-based chess server software for playing chess with other people. It is PHP based using MySQL. It is also easy to install and use.

phpBG is a high powered, fully scalable, and highly customizable Open Source browsergame package written in PHP. You can connect by browser or cbg, a command-line interface.

Ninja Playland is a RPG built using Flash MX, MySQL, PHP4. The basic concept of the game will put the player in the role of a Ninja of different classes.

PHP-RPG: Visions of Darkness is a web based RPG built using PHP and MySQL.

The project is to be considered constantly in development with a new version release for every goal.

Each goal is an updated version of the previous...

hldStart is a web application written in the PHP programming language. It is used for starting Half-Life dedicated server games from a web page.

There are many remote control applications, but not very (if any at all) remote startup...

This browsergame is written in PHP and Mysql. At the beginning the player gets a small proportion on the earth. The player has to build some units to defend his property against enemies.

Tactical War is played via the normal browser....

Open Tournament System is a full tournament engine that supports modular additions of new tournament types. It features team,single, and draft tournaments. Engine is entirely coded in PHP.

Vermilion is a turn based, web-browser, fantasy MMORPG written in PHP and MySQL (but may work with many other databases) with Smarty Template Engine, ADOdb and PHP Mailer.

Based on Vallheru version 1.0 with many modyfications in speed...

Full Immersion RPG is a PHP- and MySQL- driven Roleplaying Game.

Unlike many other RPGs available, this one is very involving character-wise, while maintaining the ability to add new content without difficulty.

WebAtlantis is WWW-based front end to the original Atlantis written by Tommi Ronkainen in 2001.

The game consists of the original game engine, separate report interpreter written in Perl and WWW-based remote interface written in PHP.

phpSoldner is a set of PHP scripts to query the Soldner - Secret Wars Portal Server.

It displays a list of gameservers currently online. It can query single servers to generate information about a specific server and its hosted players.

phpUA is a PHP script that enables gaming server administrators to manage their servers via a website interface and to display server information including live statistics to the public. Plug-ins allow for game, language and website design...

This is a chess widget(Chess client) which you can use to display pgn files, broadcast live games or display training exercises by using the embedded drag and drop feature.

This script requires php support on the server. chess.js...

PHPAdventure! is a web-based interactive fiction (text adventure) engine written in PHP.

Taking advantage of the web as a medium, PHPAdventure! has discarded the parser which formed both the groundwork and the Achilles' heel of...

Minesweeper for PHP is the PHP port of the popular Minesweeper game that comes bundled with Windows. All the player needs is a browser, so anybody can play.