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A very simple guestbook that looks good and doesn't have too many options.

An easy to use and install guestbook with webbased configuration. Fields are name, email, homepage, location and comment. Date and time tags are added and the IP address is added in a comment tag.

A guestbook script utilizing an SQL data base. Allows posting of visitor's message and uploading of an image such as an avatar. Size of the image may be limited.

This guestbook allows you to exchange photos along with your messages. It is a good system for meeting people or posting pictures for family and friends.

This is a php software and a guestbook in which users can store entries in a text file. This script has an admin area to edit, delete and comment the entries on their website. Features like smilies, bad word filter, mandatory fields, define an...

This guestbook features easy installation and customization, an admin panel, and IP logging for message posting and failed login attempts to admin panel.

This guestbook stores messages in a text file and features message paging, message blocking with HTML tags, easy installation and more.

This is a php software and a guestbook where you can receive new messages through mail. In this script the administration interface allow webmasters to modify users entries like delete unwanted messages, font, colors and number of messages per...

A guestbook with a secure admin panel to delete records by ID/email and modify records. It uses a single CSS file for the table colors and text format.

This is a program based on php which permits users to comment about any topics through a web browser. Features such as flexible logging capabilty for tracking anything, password protected admin functionality, themes for controlling appearance...

This is a php software and a guestbook where email notification is provided for the admin to the administration section for easy deletion of messages and updating. The users can post comments along with name, email, home page, location, icq and...

This is a php guestbook software where users can comment on their website through a web based browser. This script permits users posting of message and uploading image like avatar. The image size can be set in this script. Easy to combine with any...

JonBoard creates all of the files it needs to run and includes automatic e-mail notification, removal of HTML from posts and a nifty user interface.

Jevonweb Guestbook is multi-platform compatible. Simple guestbook that uses a text file to store messages. Set up in 3 easy steps and includes features such as smilies and setup menu.

An easy to install and customize guestbook with smilies that doesn't require MySQL.

This is a php software and a simple guestbook in which you are provided with a nice design and a layout. Features like smilies, bad word filter, supports BBcode, email notification, webmaster comments, IP logging and banning, email and homepage...

This is a php guestbook software which is completely online administerable where entries can be deleted by the admin and the entries can be counted. Features like preview function, activatable posticons , badword filtering, thank mail for...

This is a nice guestbook and a software based on php in which entries can be spread over more than one page and the more number of postings can be done in a page by the users in the guestbook. Features like supporting smilies and some codes, page...

Uses a text file rather than database and can be set up as a daily, weekly or monthly board. Has various web-based admin functions such as IP blocking, bad word filtering, emailing to admin, forward or reverse listing of messages and icons for...

The PHP ChitChat Message Board (GuestBook) script offers a number of great options. First of all, the "view guestbook" and "sign guestbook" are integrated into a SINGLE page, so people can view and post a message on one page....