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Truworth XML-Flash Page Flip 1.1
4images - Image Gallery Management System 1.7.6
Favicon Generator 1.0
yappa-ng 2.2.0
W-Nailer 0.28a
webYourPhotos MySQL Version 6.05
WebYourPhotos Multi Gallery Version 4.42
webYourPhotos 2.5 Image Gallery 2.5
Webligo Image Management System (IMS) 2.0
Ultimate Image Hosting Script 2.1
TinyWebGallery 1.0
the alienhelpdesk easy gallery
Stock Photo Gallery module for Esvon Classifieds 1.0
SPiD 0.9.9
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Background Creator & Photo Gallery 1.0
Gallery 1.0 beta 1
4images - Image Gallery Management System 1.7.6
Truworth XML-Flash Page Flip 1.1
Martin's Photo Frame 2.0
A rather untidy photo album 1.0
MiG - My Image Gallery 0.83
Favicon Generator 1.0
Dynapic 1.0
iTGP 1.0.0
Coppermine Photo Gallery 1.2.0
Fotopholder 1.6
DynTEXTmaker 0.1
PHPix 1.0.2
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You can manage whole gallery with a single xml file. No need to edit fla file. You can add/edit images/titles through xml file.

Features of XML-Flash Page Flip:

* Very organized gallery
* Real Book effect
* Large view on One Click
* Easy Navigation
* Easy Integration with any Code

4images is a powerful web-based image gallery management system. Features include comment system, user registration and management, password protected administration area with browser-based upload and HTML templates for page layout and design.

Create page icons(favicon.ico) with Favicon Generator, instantly make custom Favicons for your website.
* Favicon can be generated from gif, jpg, png and bmp images.
* Script creates favicon that is compatible with Internet...

An easy to install and use online photo gallery. Each picture can be viewed in several sizes and all resizing is generated on the fly. It supports password protected albums, hit counters for albums and images, album info, image captions, a gallery...

An online photo gallery that creates thumbnails on the fly.

A gallery creation script that supports multiple galleries, webbased setup and admin features such as copy/move/rename/delete images. No MySQL required.

The MySQL Version of webYourPhotos. Visitors can vote and comment on your pictures. It is search engine friendly and it creates thumbnails directy after login (images are uploaded through FTP).

A template based version of webYourPhotos. It works with JPG, JPEG and PNG files. It creates a thumbnail HTM page for each picture folder and an HTM page for each picture. You can optionally use picture descriptions. The created HTM pages already...

This script creates the thumbnails, a thumbnail display page and a HTM page for each image with a META tag created from picture info.

Provide your clients a service to store and manage images they use in their auctions. This flatfile software features multiple uploads, filetype filtering, space allocation, built-in security, multiple image folders and more. This license can be...

An advanced image hosting script that supports unlimited "secondary" servers. It stores images in many locations to keep the load down on the main server. It features thumbnail creation for GIF, JPG, JPEG and BMP; display of size for...

A small image gallery with easy adding of images, low maintanance, a slideshow and the posiblility to add titles and comments.

Place thumbnail images in one folder and full size images in another and this script automatically places them on a page. Includes next/back/previous buttons. Advanced version allows you to add titles/comments in an online form.

Create a stock photo gallery and allow users to pick an image for their classified ad. Includes stock images and a user-friendly admin area to manage categories.

A picture displayer and gallery manager that features a complete admin tool, user comments, rating, sorting, localisation and more.

A clean way to maintain a collection of photos on your site. You have complete control over the look and feel of your page.

Run an image gallery site. You can upload multiple images at once. It features multi-level categorization of images, one click access to all categories, image rating and suggesting, site configuration and customization, and more.

A simple script that displays picture galleries on the web. It is intended to provide a straightforward way to set up online photo albums: create directories, fill them with pictures and upload. Features gallery/picture captions, infinite...

Easily show your pictures on the web. Features different skins for each gallery, unlimited subgalleries, specify a mod file for each gallery, allows hotlinked images and a custom name and description for each gallery.

A standards-compliant, XHTML image gallery system which can be integrated into your site in minutes. The password-protected admin section allows you to upload up to 10 images at once, and arrange them into unlimited albums and sub-albums. It will...