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IP and Domain Tools Script 1.0
Looking Glass 20030316
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This IP and Domain Tools script is ideal for a standalone site or to integrate this usefull tools to your existing web site.

Script Features:
- Shows the visitors ip address and country.
- Domain Whois Lookup.
- Domain Availability Check.
- Supports 270 different tld's.
- IP To Country Check
- Easy Ad Integration.
- The latest Domain Whois Lookups and Domain Availability Check will be stored to...

Tellme is a networking tool that helps you in locating the IP address of a net host easily and quickly. It combines together the traceroute tools, head requests, server examination and whois lookups. The actions are broken up into individual...

The Looking Glass is a PHP based script with which you can setup with a router within a network from which you can issue all types of commands like traces, pings, BGP and much more. It gives you a web based interface which enables you to get a...