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phpEnter 5.1.
Inout Article Base Ultimate
Joomla! 1.5
zvonNews 1.0
YANS: Yet Another News System 0.1b
wsnm 0.16
Wordsmith - Weblog & Publishing Tool 1.0
Web Content Management 1.0
WB News 0.05
Utopia News Pro 1.0.0
thatphpware 0.2-pre1
SoSo News Express 1.1
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phpEnter 5.1.
Joomla! 1.5
Magic News Lite 1.0.2
Inout Article Base Ultimate
Esqlanelapse CMS 0.8
MyNews 1.0
thatphpware 0.2-pre1
myBloggie 2.1b
Magic News Plus 1.0.1
Web Content Management 1.0
Chipmunk CMS 1.0
zvonNews 1.0
photoblog/mms 1.5
News Spot Lite
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An online news publishing system that features easy installation, user submission, and an admin panel for adding, editing, and removing categories and news.

Inout Article Base is a powerful, feature rich, affordable, easy to use article script that works on PHP + MySQL. This is a highly Search Engine Optimized script which helps you to publish unlimited number of articles. Features Include # Unlimited...

Joomla! is a powerful Open Source Content Management System for building professional web sites easily. It is often the system of choice for small business or home users who want a professional looking site that's simple to deploy and use. It can...

A simple to use and customize news management system with smilies, an admin panel, HTML code support and RSS file creation syndication.

A portal system with forums, temporary blocks, a shopping cart, surveys, news, user accounts, modules, several languages, mailing lists, stats, links, themes, headlines, banners, postcards and more.

Includes multiple languages and editing/deleting of news and user profiles. Settings for HTML format. Archive with search feature and more.

wsnm (website news manager) comes with full web-based administration scripts to post/remove articles, setup/delete users, and add individual comments. It also includes a bad word filter, user session handling and more.

A versatile blogging tool, designed to help writers get their content quickly published. It's feature-rich, highly customizable and enables users to focus on their core activities. Interaction with peers is achieved using popular XML standards.

A simple to use content management system for news-type content. It is fast and easy to setup. Non-admin users can also be setup to add news, but the news story has to be activated by an admin user.

A light weight news system with admin to post comments, create your own news templates, and specify categories.

A powerful and scalable news management system.

Web news management built for simplicity, security, and integration.

A cookies based news posting program that allows users to select their own theme for the site. Coded with Slashdot interface in mind, this program doesn't require anything other than PHP and MySQL have to offer, so it is designed with virtual...

Webbased database for an online directory of multiple team rosters, statistics and comments. Create, edit, add, remove and archive data from any browser.

Build, manage and customize your website with this tool. It was designed for news websites with specific requirements from end users.

Display a liveticker that you can update with SMS messages from your mobile phone.

A clutter-free, template driven, easy to install program that manages users and stores frequently used settings automatically. Does not require MySQL.

A content management system that is simple to setup and admin. All site settings are easily customized from the admin interface.

This news program features unlimited fields with edit/delete/add options, unlimited staff, date styling, add-on support, bbcode with added functions like Grab and include image, add/remove categories, upload posts with file attaching, unlimited...

A full-featured CMS/WebLog system featuring article submissions, comments, integrated banner systems, modular design, support for various message forum systems, HTML 4.01 compliant, CSS driven, and more.