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MyCabinet Online password manager is a personal information management system. It is set in own web server and manage by you alone. This system consists of seven modules, to facilitate you in your matters, to be more efficient, simple and convenient. The seven modules are To do list, URLs bookmark manager, Online notes, Online diary, Address book, important dates and password manager. By having this system, you do not have to bring important...

Xavier's Forum offers an online community for webmasters and progammers.

WebTalk Forum is a virtual place for webmasters to discuss issues related to programming languages like PHP, ASP, Perl, etc., There are several forums specially for you to converse and chat with other programming experts. You can register yourself...

This is a forum and an online community in which users are allowed to post messages in the forum. The users can get logged off automatically and can change the settings and ranks. In this script users can add a signature to the post and can create...

A web-based issue tracking system designed for workgroups to keep track of issues. It features a customizable workflow, filtering, file attachments, email notifications, pending issues reminder, printer-friendly reports, Gantt charts, and a...

This scripts provides an online contact manager that uses one table for information storage. Add, delete, list and modify entries.

An employee time sheet managment solution. Setup time periods and employees can login and enter their time online. All timesheets are exportable to Excel for convenient printing and analysis.

A webbased, hierarchical task manager. You can expand/collapse the tree using client side JavaScript. Includes a calendar and a mobile version for PDA access.

A simple but efficient web-based task manager.

ASP, PHP, MySQL, PERL, XML, JavaScript, DHTML, Cascading Style Sheets. Get your questions answered here. Post your own tips, tricks and tutorials.

Smartbids can help you to find new business and quickly increase your client base. As there is no initial outlay on your part (no setup costs & no subscription fees) it is an extremely cost effective way of winning new business, we can even...

This is a php community and a webmasters forum where users can discuss about developmental issues, program compatibilities and more. In this forum number of categories are available which also has more number of forums in it to discuss by the...

Site Templating System Using PHP is an useful article dealing with web page designing. In this tutorial the author has narrated the ways and means of presenting all your web pages with an identical page layout. You will also come to know about the...

A free software tool to help manage your six sigma implementation. Manage project problem details, milestones, isssues, and action items with an effective online tool.

This is an online community and a forum in which users can add messages and can post topics in the forum. This script has several details in the forum like topic title, topic starter, number of replies by the users, number of views by the users...

Self Service Admin Forum is an useful tool which is used for online discussions about various topics related to PHP. This utility is useful for your web site visitors to communicate with each other. / You can easily install the basic version of...

ScriptsTalk is an online community where you can talk about all the webscripts.

Your source for PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, mIRC scripts and snippets, PHP tutorials, free templates and other useful scripting resources!

A web-based project manager with todo-list that includes an advanced user hierarchy and task tree.

Easy to install and use, multi-user time management software.