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PHP Review Script 1.0
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PHP Poll is an absolutely free script allowing to create online poll websites or add polls to existing sites or web pages. It comes with an user-friendly administration panel allowing to create the polls, check the poll results and manage the different site settings. PHP Poll doesn't use a MySQL database, but stores instead the data in XML files - this makes it light, fast to run and easy to install.
It's provided also with the complete...

Our PHP Feedback Form Script will allow you to collect feedback from your clients via your own website. It is light and easy to install. You can change the color theme of the feedback box to adapt it to your brand design. Let's take a quick look...

Integrate PHPJabbers online review system on your website and enable your clients and visitors to rate your products and/or services based on various predefined criteria. Customers just have to fill in a short web form with their name and email...

ApPHP Survey is a fully featured web solution allows non-technical users to create create surveys and polls, send them to anyone, administer them, gather results, and view statistics, all managed online after database initialization. There is no...

“Multiple Social Ajax Poll” is a web application which is written using PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript and AJAX. This script is used for creating, managing and embedding your polls. To protect the result of voting poll, this script suggests two...

PHP poll is a PHP voting script that lets you create unlimited web polls and embed them into your website. Choose between eight different skins to make your poll blend perfectly into your website design.
With the PHP poll script you can...

Create Easy Ajax Based Polls For Your Sites or Blogs

- Create polls that can run on any website or blog.
- Embed the polls with simple javascript call
- Unlimited number of options for every poll
- Graphical presentation...

Social website provided by the truworth is a best service which can help you in developing a social network of news and stories. Your sites user can submit new stories and latest news on that social website. Other users can review these stories...

Flash Web Poll is an online poll product that allows you to quickly and easily create a multiple-choice polling question and then publish it to your website. It takes less than 3 minutes to have an online web poll on your site. When creating a...

PHP Web Poll is php/mysql based script that allows you to quickly and easily put a web poll on your web site. It takes less than 3 minutes to have an online web poll on your site. We offer free installation support and also make custom changes to...

StarsRate is a "rate my pic" type of script used to poll your web site visitors. If you've always wondered what other people think about your images, articles, posts,.... it is now easy to find out. When creating a polling item you can...

This script randomly selects two images form a database and the visitor picks one and a vote is tabulated and two more images are displayed. This script works best with a lot of images (50+) to avoid repeat images. Top-Ten vote getters are...

vPoll is designed for PHP websites to include a poll manager on it. It gives functions to generate single poll on web page which can be accessed from other pages of that site. Results page can be given in seperate window. Statistical results can...

- - - - C O M M E N T S - - - - demo: - - - - C O M M E N T S - - - - Vote Pro 4.0 is definitely the best voting solution for your web site Unbelievable functions will give your work special comfort. It's intend to...

Vote for IT! is a PHP script that provides functions to upgrade the rating manager on your sites. Implemented 'flood protection' works on poll inquiries and displays them on web pages. Templating system facilitates you to modify the result pages....

A simple Rating system for files / pages / photo's and whatever you want to use it for.

Current features: 35+ pre-installed XML feeds; country filter for local/XML traffic; listing by indexing or rotation; multiple member type for your affiliate; supports PayPal, Egold, and MoneyBooker; and many more.

Polls module allows adding polls at your site. You may place either only one or several blocs on the home page. Also it is possible to set the time of starting and finishing polls.

This polls and voting software enables you to create as many as 25 opinion polls for your website visitors. You can provide upto a maximum of ten options for a topic to choose from and visitors can cast their vote on it and as a admin you can add...

This is a great script if you want to have the opinion of your visitors about something. The script can be used on multiple pages without the use of a database. / Easy stylable with the use of css.