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Azizi search engine script PHP 4.1.10
Inout Search Engine Ultimate Edition v8.0
Meta Search Engine - Inspired Clone of Google & Bing 8.0
Inout Search Engine 8.0
Advanced Job Search Engine Script 1.0.4
PHP Job Search Engine 1.04
Inout Search Engine - Ultimate Edition v7.0
Inout Search Engine v7
OpenWebSpider v0.1.4
SEO Filter 1.2.3
PHPCrawl 0.70
Important People 1.1
SMBindex 2.62
Bee-rain 2009
Jumper 2.0 Collaborative Search Engine
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Search Engine Ranking Tool 2.0
SmartPPC Lite
Gogiga PPC script 1.0
PhpDig Search Engine 1.8.8
ES Pay Per Click (PPC) Search Engine 1.0
The iSearch PHP Search Engine 1.9 h
SpiderBlair 1.0
PHP highlighter
Gr8 Multiple Search Engine Script 1.5
Search Engine PHP 4.0
siteIndexer 0.3
ZIP Code Radius Search module 3.0
TextIndexer 1.0
PHPBusca V 0.5
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PhpDig is a web spider and PHP search engine project, using a MySQL database and flat file support.PhpDig search engine can store textual content of indexed documents in files.

PhpDig search engine builds a glossary with words found in indexed pages. On a search query, it displays a result page containing the search keys, ranked by occurrence.

Features of PhpDig:
-HTTP spidering
-Full-text indexing

Website SuperSearch allows users to search your database-driven (MySQL) website.

The project includes boolean search, and regular expression search, which is a free PHP search engine system. Search functionality derived from Bible...

Want to add personals to your website? PHP-Personals will help you. A gallery and private messaging system with customizable search engine.

The Search Engine Project (TSEP), is a free OpenSource PHP search engine project. TSEP is built to index your site so it can be searched later within seconds.

TSEP is a simple yet very powerful and fast PHP website search engine. It is...

PI-FIND is a project OpenSource PHP search engine. PI-FIND is an intranet rfrencementPermettant contact management by indexing and word association clefsAinsi their rechercheMultilingue with the possibility of cre means of allowing a more fluid...

WHImMP - create a keyword list. Scripts, with an index of a web page is created. Uses the meta tags and anchor.

A storing configuration file. MySQL and PHP. It is not a Sitemap Generator! GPL license.

The Shift Log is a database entry and display system that is built off of PHP and MySQL.

The log uses a basic user authentication system to ensure user accountability and log integrity. It also has a RTF editor integrated into it.

PhpPgView is a PHP search engine tool that allows to explore the structure of a postgreSQL DB, browse tables and execute saved queries. Easy sorting, searching, and export.It is possible to hidden any schema, table or column.

This tool...

Gr8 Multiple Search Script allows you to search same keyword in multiple sites on single window you don't need to open all sites just using tabs you can search your keywords. Category base sites so you can search web, videos, images, blogs, music,...

We have developed ES Professional Pay Per Click (PPC) Search Engine! ES PPC provides you a quick and easy way to start your own search engine and earn money by displaying relevant sponsored results taken from external Pay Per Click feeds or your...

Pre-loaded with 12 popular searches - Web, Images, Video, News, Sports, Audio, Forum, Blog, Kids, Dictionary, Wiki and PDF #All searches easily managed in admin - edit, enable/disable, re-order #Tabbed,text link,radio button and dropdown searching...

Truworth search engine ranking tool is the most efficient and reliable tool to check page rank and backlinks for a site. It allows you to check search engine position, page rank, domain age and backlinks for a site. It is full featured software...

This module allows you to add proximity search easily to existing search forms. You enter zip code, select max. distance from it (miles/kilometers) and get matching ads returned by search engine ! USA zip codes only. / Available as a standalone...

ZeroBlast is a PHP based program which is used for making a search engine on your website. This program enables your site visitors to search their required information through your website easily. This program uses MySQL database for storing data....

The iSearch PHP Search Engine is a database search engine software and is a simple script based on php. This software allows users to search database for their websites. It doesn't need binaries to create the search index. It is used to perform a...

TextIndexer is a easy to use PHP application which offers both indexing and searching mechanism. By using indexing mechanism you can construct text index and you can insert text field into the indexer by using unique id and by using this search...

SpiderBlair is an useful and efficient online search engine utility written in PHP. This program is designed in such a way that it has the ability to list your website link on the popular search engine database with appropriate keywords. By just...

Softbiz PayPerClick Script is a pay per clik engine software and is a simple script based on php. Webmasters can add there site to your search engine. It has template driven design which allows users to modify major design elements. It allows...

SmartPPC Lite is a powerful online template based search engine program written in PHP. Site owners can place their links for confirmation while admin can add or delete those links on their program. Every time when a website link has been hit,...

SiteSearch is a search engine program and is a simple script based on php. This program is used to search websites. It has three parts which are aforementioned statistics screen, Apache Lucene based server and PHP front end client. It can be...