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Inout Site Search Standard
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Zoom Search Engine 2.0.0
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TWB: Site Search 3.0
SQL Query Parser, PHP Edition 4.0
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Softbiz Pay Per Click Search Engine Script 1.1
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Search Engine Script 1.0
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Site Search Pro 2.0
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TWB: Site Search 3.0
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Inout Site Search Standard
RedSearch 1.0.0
Simple PPC 1.0
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phpBB Amazon Search MOD 1.0.0
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Inout Site Search is a powerful AJAX,Jquery and JSONP based flexible internal site search solution for your websites to search your own websites content. Features Include # Integrate in any web pages # Customizable Look and Feel # Domain Set # JSON Search Output which ensures great flexibility and fastness to users # Optionally show the search results in the same page where search box is placed # Excellent page rank mechanism # Create up to 10...

Inout Site Search is a powerful AJAX,Jquery and JSONP based flexible internal site search solution for your websites to search your own websites content. Features Include # Integrate in any web pages # Customizable Look and Feel # Domain Set #...

uA website search engine that indexes from your Windows computer. It features spider and offline indexing modes, wildcard searches, a Windows GUI indexer and more.

This script indexes your site based on META tags and then allows users to search for specific keywords. It returns the documents that match.

Simple, real-time, file-based search. It searches for keyphrase and displays the results in an HTML list with the keyphrase high-lighted. No database required.

A SQL Query Generator which generates search statements based on input keywords. It supports and, or, not and phrase searches by means of refixes.

A lightweight web spider and search engine written that is suitable for adding search functionality to small or medium sites (10k-20k pages). It can index both static and dynamic pages, supports NOT and phrase searches, and more.

A pay-per-click search engine for your web site. Members can signup to add their site. For each website that member adds, he can specify multiple relevant keywords with different bids. Sites are also arranged in a multilevel hierarchy. Members can...

This script is intended to provide complete, customizable, effective and fully-functional site search for any type of web site. You can customize search results, edit the folders list, choose indexing or spidering, search within parts of the web...

This search engine can handle thousands of listings per keyword. Web sites bid money to get listed and they only pay when someone clicks through to their site from your search. Only daily unique clicks are counted to prevent fake clicking and...

This search engine can index and search by meta data, page content and titles, but allows for unlimited searches to index various pages and portions of your site. Results can be customized to through the use of templates and CSS. Setup and...

Add search functionality to any website. Included template can be customized to fit the website. It uses a Google API on the backend.

Advanced search engine that sorts results by importance and has a very large number of syntax features! Total customization of RuterSearch can be achieved by template substitutions and most configuration can be changed easily with a web-based...

A search script for small sites. Does not requre a database for index storage. Features a template driven output, indexing via the local filesystem or HTTP and a convenient query language.

A simple search script that features easy installation and use, style templates, directory and sub-directory indexing and file type and directory exclusion.

A pay per click search engine based on the Stilbite affiliate program. Basic HTML knowledge would be useful to customize the look and feel.

Great for small or medium size sites, it allows you to index your site based on meta tags or full index of all words. It uses a flat file database.

A script for crawling and spidering offline/online web pages. It can connect to static or dynamic web pages and features error messages; recovery of text content of a web page; indexing of each word by frequency, character types and double...

A complete web indexing and searching system for a small domain or intranet. Intended to cover the search needs for a single company, campus, or even a particular sub section of a website.

Allows visitors to search Amazon for products without leaving your phpBB forum. Insert your Amazon affiliate ID and receive commissions for the products sold through your site as well.