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SVNManager Script 1.0.6
PHPBench Script 0.8.1
ADAudit Plus - Active Directory Auditing and Reporting 4.5
ManageEngine ADAudit Plus 4.5
ManageEngine ADAudit Plus 4.0
GameCP: Game Control Panel 2010
Zervex DSM 2.0
WHMadmin 1.0
Simple Management for BIND 0.2.1
Server Monitor 1.0
RIBS (Rsync Incremental Backup Script) 2.II
Realtime Apache Load Balancing
pseudo-cron 1.2.1
ProFTPd Admin 1.2.2009
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MyShell 1.0.5
Complete Web Hosting Script 0.04
Gameserver Control Panel 1
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Server Monitor 1.0
phpLDAPadmin 0.9.4b
GameCP: Game Control Panel 2010
ProFTPd Admin 1.2.2009
Realtime Apache Load Balancing
Simple Management for BIND 0.2.1
iHost 1.0
pseudo-cron 1.2.1
LAN-Sentry, a PHP-based gateway tool
iHost v1.01 Billing Control Panel 1.01
LogFileStatus 1.0
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The admin can create, remove, load or dump repositories on the server.

With this tool you can remotely:
- Manage user accounts for access to the repositories
- Manage groups for acces to the repositories
- Invite users by email to create an account on the server

It can be used to compare hardware, operating systems, PHP versions,
PHP accelerators, PHP caching systems, compiler options and many more.

Custom tests can be added to the suite.

Manage Engine ADAudit Plus provides comprehensive reports on administrative changes and logon events in the Active Directory. Find answers to the vital 4W's - Who effected what change in Active Directory, when and from where? Support for MS...

ManageEngine ADAudit Plus is a Web Based Active Directory Change Audit and Reporting solution. It helps IT Administrators to audit and track the changes in Windows Active Directory. Changes in Users, Computers, Groups, Domain Policies and logon...

ManageEngine ADAudit Plus provides complete audit of Active Directory. The audit reporting and alerting software provides detailed change information on: user and computer accounts, user activity, user and group history, group memberships, logon...

GameCP - Game Control Panel. Host unlimited users, games, voice servers and machines with a free trial of this Windows and Linux Game Server Control Panel

A game hosting control panel to control game servers, voice servers and...

This is a software based on php which acts as an online control panel which provide users in helping drive down support cost and time. Features like easily brand interface with NO HTML knowledge, software such as PHP upgradable through a web...

A web-based program with admin search tools and features for your cPanel servers. You can collect and search for details such as an account's server, account information, passwords, whois info, IP addresses and more. Check for duplicate domain...

This is a software based on php where zone files are managed for DNS server. This script has features such as advanced datatypes, delegetion of zones to users and more. Free download option is provided for users. Easy to integrate with any other...

This is a software based on php where status of the server can be checked by visitors. It monitors load, services and uptime of the server. Features like server load graphs, add services to port scan, email notification to more addresses, notice...

Server Monitor is a simple PHP based online server management tool capable of monitoring ports. You can keep track of multiple ports from a list of several domains through this program. This online application supports ports such as FTP, HTTP,...

This is a software based on php where common programs can be utilized by the users. This script performs as both a backup script on a local machine and to backup several network hosts. There is a high amount of error checking, logging and email...

This is a software based on php where server status is checked by users and the outgoing band width time is determined. Here the extraneous load is distributed to other servers. This script is easy to combine with any other applications. It is...

With every page request, this script checks to see if any cron jobs should have been run since the previous request and will run them if needed.

ProFTPd Admin is a powerful server management script designed modularly to administer apache servers. This script can be easily configured on multiple FTP servers and is bundled with unique logging systems that are compatible with WU-FTP...

A web-based frontend to a running XMMS/Icecast server.

A web-based LDAP client that provides easy, accessible, multi-language admin for your LDAP server. Its hierarchical tree-viewer and advanced search functionality make it intuitive to browse and administer your LDAP directory.

This program allows you to execute shell commands on a remove webserver even if you do not have telnet access.

This is a software based on php where informations about php in webserver can be seen by the users for accessing. Here informations about the stuffs and path to the stuffs are provided. This script allows users to set programs on their server....

A fully web-based NOC/Datacenter server manager. It includes Server, IP and Device management as well as a built in client and helpdesk system, Server Monitoring and more.