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Classes and OOP in PHP 0.0.1
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This code allows to perform a query to WhoIs service in PHP.


In this tutorial we'll discuss about the creational patterns, that aim to separate a system from how its objects are created, composed, and represented. They increase the system's flexibility in terms of the what, who, how,...

In this tutorial we'll learn how to create and use singleton classes. A singleton class is a class that can be instantiated only once. This is may be useful when only one object of certain class is needed to coordinate across your system. While it...

This tutorial describes an introduction to classes and object oriented programming in PHP. Object oriented programming (OOP) is a commonly used term when discussing modern programming techniques. One of the things that makes humans stand out is...

What's so good about PHP? is an article that relates the advantages of PHP over other programming languages such as CGI and cold fusion. The author has highlighted the stunning features of PHP and describes it to be the most easiest programming... What is PHP? is an efficient article to assists webmasters and developers to enhancing their programming skills. This article will also provide guidelines to all PHP beginners and developers by giving a brief introduction to the PHP...

This tutorial covers the basic syntax, the use of variables and the echo function.

PHP4 Manual is an article with which you can enrich your PHP programming language. This online manual is an excellent guide for all webmasters and developers. This tutorial is equipped with every details of PHP ranging from the basics to...

PHP3 Introduction is an article with which you can gain knowledge on the basics of PHP programs like forms, variables, codes, operators, functions etc,. This tutorial also teaches you about PHP commands to perform specific objectives. From this...

The tutorial will be an ideal guide for beginners in PHP language. It will let you know what is PHP and how to use it to build your own dynamic web pages using PHP. In this lesson 1 you will be learning about the basic functions like variables and...

In this tutorial the author shares his own experience on PHP with the visitors. This tutorial gives some information after differentiating PHP with both VB script and javascript. In this tutorial the author listed the features of PHP as follows:...

Explain how to manipulate string in PHP, introducing the use of control structures, functions and working with Web forms.

This tutorial is used for collecting the information about how to develop a PHP program. Beginners can refer this tutorial and they can build their own PHP program easily. This tutorial teaches about the usage of several statements in a PHP...

From this tutorial one can develop their skills in programming PHP. This tutorial offers huge examples of how to build PHP program, how to open and end tags while coding PHP, what are the variables available in PHP and how to use that, types of...

This is a tutorial which offers you the first step in PHP programming. With the details such as the introduction, structure of PHP script and lesson on codes, this tutorial proves to be effective for those who are beginning with PHP based...

PHP Articles is an article designed for all levels of PHP users to assist them in their programs. This tutorial explains user how to create and update configured files, format database files, normalize text input from HTML formats, generate and...

This third part of the tutorial written by the author contains some functions like while loop, do-while loop, for loop, foreach loop, array variables, auto increment and auto decrement operators. All the functions are demonstrated with easily...

PHP 101 (Part 2) - Shakespeare's Rose is an article that assists webmasters and programmers in implementing PHP forms on the website. Using this tutorial you can generate several utility functions with functions, variables and classes along with...

This tutorial helps you in learning the basic concepts for using PHP language. The article covers the usage of various basic codes, variables and mathematical operators with simple examples and demonstrations so that they may be easily understood...

This tutorial gives you some tips on how to start the programming in PHP and to sequence the codes in a particular order with a simple real life example. This will be useful for new programmers to create their own programs effectively and helps...